What NOT to Do for a Sales Interview

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There is no easy way to land a sales job. Just like any other position, you will have to work hard, brush up your resume, and do ample research about the company before you go into the interview.

But not too many people will explain what not to do during a sales interview. Here are a few no-no’s that sales recruitment specialists will probably tell you.

  • Arriving Late. This is probably fairly obvious, but it cannot be overstated. You must arrive there at least on time, if not about 10 minutes early. This is why you should give yourself ample time — maybe even an hour — to get to a place that is just 15 or 20 minutes away. This way you can find parking, review your notes, and go in relaxed and prepared.
  • Identifying Your Weakness Without a Backup Statement. A common question during interviews is “What is your biggest weakness?,” and you should already be prepared with at least a handful of weaknesses. But do not leave it at that — you need to know how to turn the weaknesses into a strength or a learning opportunity. Otherwise, it won’t shine the best light on you.
  • Being Too Truthful. There is something to be said for being honest about what you have done in previous jobs, and your experience. But don’t forget that you are trying to get this job, so don’t leave all your negative experiences out there for the interviewer to consider. If they ask why you left your last job, you may not want to talk about the altercation with your boss, or the big mistake you made. You may want to mention that it “wasn’t the right fit anymore,” or that you “wanted to advance your career.”

If you follow these tips from sales recruitment specialists
, you will be on your way to a lucrative sales career. Also, anytime a sales recruitment agency gives you a call, you will ready for your interview. Check out this website for more.

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