Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Energy Consumption in Your House

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Americans are consuming more energy and electricity than ever before, and many of us don’t realize it. In fact, the amount of energy consumed in the U.S. doubles about once every 20 years!

And unless we switch electricity providers and get our energy from the cheap electric providers, we run the risk of wasting hundreds each year on our utilities.

So just how much do you know about the amount of energy you’re using every day?

Take a look at these five unbelievable facts about your energy consumption:

1. As it consumes some 26% of the world’s energy America is one of the world’s top energy consumers, along with China and Japan. And as worldwide energy demand continues to grow in developing nations, the price of electricity will inevitably continue to rise.

2. Most of our energy use comes from one thing: Did you know that about 56% of a household’s typical energy use comes from heating and cooling alone? Think about that the next time you turn the thermostat up in the winter or down in the summer!

3. There are tons of things you can do to reduce your energy use: Making small, simple changes to your daily habits can save you significant amounts of money on electricity in the long run, such as unplugging electronics when not in use and by turning off the light when you leave a room.

4. There are 16 states that let you compare power providers: Currently, these 16 states have deregulated energy markets, which means consumers can choose which electricity provider they want. Many of these providers offer competitive, affordable rates on electricity.

5. You might be able to save money on electricity: When you compare power providers’ rates near you, you might find that the cheapest gas and electricity supplier isn’t your current supplier. And if you do decide to switch to a cheaper electric company, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars every year and use that money elsewhere. To learn more about how to compare power providers, go to one of the many websites that let you compare power providers for free. Ger more information on this topic here.

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