Customer Service Should Be Your Business, Not Just a Part of It

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One of the most popular searches on the worldwide web is “how to deliver great customer service”. That is not terribly surprising when, according to, companies with great customer service have more loyal customers who are much more likely to make repeat purchases. So, why is it so hard to implement a customer care policy that demonstrates your appreciation to your consumers?

Generally speaking, the problem can be found in the approach. Instead of providing great customer service because that is your business, too many businesses treat customer service as though it is a separate entity. However, for all of those wondering how to deliver great customer service, the answer is quite simple; structure your business around your customers.

First and Foremost
As Susan A. Friedmann of writes, before you decide how to deliver great customer service, you first have to realize that the “boss” of your business, regardless of who holds the CEO position, is your customers. Once you come to terms with the fact that your customers keep you in business, pay your salary, you can begin to act in a way that is only in their best interest.

You Are Not Perfect, but You Should Show You Want to Be
According to ZenDesk, when asked what the most important factor is in building trust with a business, study participants resoundingly answered “customer service”. However, GovLoop writer Pat Fiorenza is quick to point out that recognizing the importance of customer care does not mean you have to be perfect. Rather, you need to demonstrate to your customers that you want to be better. If you do that, they are more likely to forgive your mistakes as they recognize your push to do better for them.

Learn to Say “Sorry”
One of the most overused sayings when trying to give the definition of great customer service is “the customer is always right”. It has become something of a cliche, but the fact is it has become a cliche because it is true. Forbes suggests that even if your customer is not actually right, they “always have to win”. Indeed, when it comes to business, you always have to be the bigger person. Your ego getting bruised is not going to impact your bottom line. On the other hand, refusing to apologize to an irate customer can certainly have a negative impact.

Do Not Be a Blowhard
Waldow Social founder, DJ Waldow, points out that one of the worst things any business can do is to make promises and never follow through on them. If you want to know how to deliver great customer service, keep this one thing in mind; always mean what you say. Nothing will drive your customers away quicker than them thinking you are an untrustworthy blowhard.

Learning how to deliver great customer service is essential to all businesses looking to succeed. Indeed, ZenDesk statistics show that 24% of customers who have a great experience with a company will still use that company a year later. 39% will reuse them two years later. If you want to build a customer focused company to keep customers happy and loyal, start with these four tips. Get more here.

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