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As each summer approaches, thousands of Cleveland colleges students find themselves weighing the future rewards of summer internships against working for cold, hard cash. If they spend three months working as much as they can, they will really be doing themselves a favor once that tuition bill arrives. At the same time, they have secured excellent Cleveland OH internships that might pay off quite handsomely in the future. The operative word here being might.

That is the thing about an internship Cleveland, New York, Chicago, or even Fargo students compete for. Advisers, faculty, peers, and some parents tell students that if they can secure a solid internship it will look great on their resumes; it might even be the difference between landing their dream jobs and months of clearing tables and stocking shelves. Not to knock the people who do those jobs, but most people do not spend between 20K and 60K a year for college to work jobs that do not even require college degrees.

While grappling with this vexing choice, college students will try to do the right thing, and depending upon their individuals values, the honorable thing will often be to show restraint. After all, the wisest people know that few immediate rewards will pay off in the end. Therefore, smart people will apply self discipline, and delay gratification, for the rewards and sacrifice of the present, which will most certainly pay off handsomely in future dividend. Right? Sometimes.

In reality, the average amount of money that a college student will earn over a single summer will not even pay for one semester of boarding. At the same time, a students with Cleveland internships land first jobs with over 25 percent more income than those who had never held an internship Cleveland students regularly pursue. The bottom line is that statistics show that internships pay off.

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