Cleveland Internships Are Not Necessarily All Rock and Roll (But Just as Fun)

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A Cleveland internship is not just for the rock and rollers out there. Cleveland internships can be the next big part of your resume building before you get out into the real world and hunt down a job.

Before you storm the shores of internet, searching google for “Cleveland Oh internships” or “internships cleveland,” take a second to consider what you want. When I was in college, I just wanted to write the next series of Harry Potter books and become the winner of the publishing industry.

It was a tad bit unrealistic.

Instead, what I should have done (sooner than I did in senior year) was to search for jobs I could have gotten with the education my degree provided. That sounds awful, I know, but the thing is is that there are so many titles and positions out there that it is hard to know what you are really looking for amidst the double speak and spinning. This is why you should just do a little looking around to find a goal to reach.

The internet is changing the way the game is played in a lot of industries, which is another reason to do a bit of soul searching before you run off and apply for a Cleveland internship.

Once you have a goal in mind, you can start thinking about ways to reach it. Whether or not you actually do is unimportant. It is the journey, as it always is, that is important. The experience you gain pursuing your goal will open many more doors. For example, I found that my degree was good for copywriting. So if I were to look into a solid Cleveland internship, I would pursue something like a “content strategist” or a “social media marketing” internship.

Did you find this article about pursuing a Cleveland internship helpful? Do any readers have any experience getting a Cleveland internship? Please share your stories in the comments.

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