Genuine Interest Can Help You Secure the Best Possible Internship

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Did you know that, according to Business Insider, 75% of students enrolled in a four year school undertake internships, and the 2012 Employer Survey revealed that over half, or 53% of all American companies, intended to hire more interns in 2013? The popularity of internships is rapidly increasing. The temporary, and often unpaid, positions promise students invaluable experience. How can students secure internships in an increasingly competitive world?

Ask Yourself, Which Companies Are Hiring Interns?

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates once held positions as interns. Although more companies offer internships than ever before, it is also increasingly difficult to get one. A staggering number of employers view internships as a prerequisite, and rarely hire applicants without work and/or internship experience. Students are vying for paid internships and unpaid internships alike, all in the hopes of securing stable employment. What can applicants do?

One of the first steps is to relax. Internship search engines, like, reveal that 47% of all companies have internship programs in place. Moreover, the 2012 Employer Survey, reports that 86% of interns describe their experiences as positive and valuable. What should students take from this? Remember that almost half of businesses offer internships. Apply for more than one, and know that many students are perfectly content with their second or third choices.

Prepare for On-the-Job Experience

The best internship programs offer realistic, on-the-job experience. The best way to prepare for internship interviews, then, is to treat them like traditional job interviews. Start with a little research. Microsoft internship interview questions will be very different from Disney internship interview questions, for example. Researching the company you are applying for shows genuine interest, and demonstrates that you can be motivated and proactive. Also prepare to make sacrifices and adjustments, just like you would for a career. Keep in mind that 23% of American companies provide travel stipends, and travel or relocation for an internship may be well within the realm of possibility. Also keep in mind that your computer and technical skills should be well up to snuff, especially given that a growing number of companies, currently about 33%, offer virtual internships.

Internship positions are increasingly competitive, and securing an internship can be a great accomplishment. Secure the best possible internship by weighing your options, preparing for specific interviews, such as Microsoft internship interview questions, and be prepared to go the extra mile.

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