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Archive for June 13, 2018

Busting Four Myths About Private Jet Travel

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Flying a charter jet can be a great way to get business done. A private aircraft charter has advantages no commercial airline can match, including flexibility, speed, location, amenities, and value for price. There are a few myths about a private aircraft charter that might be holding you back from suing private flights: it’s time to consider them.

  • A grounded flight is a grounded flight. One of the banes of commercial travel are grounded or delayed flights. As a traveler, you may have assumed that flights would be grounded or delayed for all aircraft, but frequently a private aircraft charter has the option to around a problem. This is due to the flexibility of a private flight–you can quickly refile a new flight plan to a nearby airport that isn’t closed–and the freedom that private aircraft have to utilize hundreds of airports nationwide that are closed to commercial aircraft.
  • Private jets, being smaller, can’t get you there as fast

You’re Not Listening to your Data Why Sentiment Analysis Matters for your Business

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It’s called sentiment analysis or opinion mining. It’s a means of gauging what a person or even large groups of people really feel about a topic through determining what the content of language really means emotionally. Does a social media post really support or a candidate or cause or is it undercutting it with hidden emotional clues? Is a Brand name respected or considered out of date? Sentiment analysis software can help give the answers. It’s a combination of text analytics, computer linguistics, and biometrics. Using the available tools, sentiment analysis can help determine if a message is really resonating with a target audience or falling flat.

A recent study indicated that 99% of existing data is never analyzed. This leaves a huge chunk of information unknown as to meaning. Big data analysis and text analytics serve to find understanding in both the structured and unstr