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More People Should Use Their Lottery Winnings to Buy Their Own Cruise Ship

Written by admin on . Posted in Marine spare parts, Marine spare parts suppliers

Offshore drilling vessels

There are lots of creative ways to spend your lottery winnings. Maybe you want to buy yourself a mansion, or lots of fancy cars. Maybe an airplane, or your own private island? What you could always decide to do is buy your own cruise ship.

Why not? Everyone loves the luxury of going on a cruise. Why not make that your everyday lifestyle, on your very own cruise ship?

You probably never imagined yourself to be going cruise ship shopping, so you probably don’t know exactly what you should be looking for, when you find a cruise vessel for sale.

You’ll probably want to find a cruise vessel for sale that is in good working condition, because it’s unlikely that you have a Continue Reading No Comments

Three Tips for Correct Forklift Battery Washing That All Workers Need to Know

Written by admin on . Posted in Battery changing system, Battery roller stands, Mobile drum lifters

Battery wash equipment maintenance

Have you noticed your warehouse’s forklift batteries lasting for a shorter lifespan than they should be lasting?

Ideally, each forklift battery life should last around 6,000 hours. When these batteries cost thousands of dollars to replace, ensuring they last these full 6,000 hours is a must.

One of the best ways to increase warehouse efficiency and ensure the most effective use of the investment that is a forklift battery, it’s important for all workers to observe the right forklift battery maintenance techniques — not least of which is washing the battery regularly.

These are the