Do You Need A Professional Cleaning Company?


Commercial cleaning solutions

The commercial cleaning industry in the United States generates nearly $78 billion and businesses who hire top commercial cleaning companies know the difference between a job well done and a job not well done. Commercial cleaning contractors provide businesses with professional office cleaning services, janitorial cleaning services and other maintenance services. The usual cleaning services completed by commercial cleaning companies include window cleaning, pest control, carpet cleaning and other janitorial services.

Professional commercial cleaning is necessary for building owners who provide office settings and studio spaces for businesses to operate out of. Building owners need to provide maintenance services for their tenants, it is typically not the tenants responsibility to hire cleaning companies.

In 2002 there were about 60,000 commercial cleaning companies in the US, and today many of those same companies are trying to stand out by Going Green. Many commercial cleaning companies are investing in Green Certification to ensure their products and cleaning procedures are environmentally safe. By going green, commercial cleaning companies can do their part to help the environment and create a recognizable selling tactic.

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company:

– Cleaner bathrooms. Studies have shown a toilet can be up to fifty times cleaner than a mouse or keyboard when properly cleaned.

– Cleaner office environment means less sick people. About twenty five percent of water cooler buttons hold bacteria that can cause illness.

– Surfaces that are not regularly disinfected can have bacterial increase up to thirty one percent daily.

Working with top commercial cleaning companies can be very beneficial for building owners, businesses and people who need professional office cleaning. Without the use of professional cleaning services, office garbage can pile up, bacteria can increase and employees can become unmotivated and even possibly sick.

Commercial cleaners can be smart buying decisions when research properly and should be invest in the same way a business would spend money on the lights, water or garbage removal. Maintenance is an important expense and is something that will benefit building managers, tenants and employees. Check out this website for more.

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