Three Tips for Correct Forklift Battery Washing That All Workers Need to Know

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Battery wash equipment maintenance

Have you noticed your warehouse’s forklift batteries lasting for a shorter lifespan than they should be lasting?

Ideally, each forklift battery life should last around 6,000 hours. When these batteries cost thousands of dollars to replace, ensuring they last these full 6,000 hours is a must.

One of the best ways to increase warehouse efficiency and ensure the most effective use of the investment that is a forklift battery, it’s important for all workers to observe the right forklift battery maintenance techniques — not least of which is washing the battery regularly.

These are the three most essential forklift battery washing practices and procedures that every warehouse worker needs to know about:

Wearing proper protection

No matter the circumstance, you should never handle a forklift battery without wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), as forklift battery washing can lead to harmful chemicals spilling out or entering the air around you. Make sure all personnel in the warehouse wear aprons, gloves, goggles and steel-toed boots before starting the forklift battery washing process.

Use the correct water mixture to wash the battery

Whether you’re watering a battery or washing its exterior, you should always use distilled, non-mineral water to do so, as any other type of water will likely interfere with the battery’s charge. When washing a forklift battery, use a mixture of baking soda and water — never use soap!

Consider investing in a battery washing cabinet

Cleaning a forklift battery by hand can be hazardous work, and leaves a wide range of possibility for human error. With a battery washing cabinet, all your workers have to do is properly extract and replace the forklift battery and let the washing cabinet do the rest of the work. They’re also better for the environment, as hand-washing a forklift battery allows lead to enter the local ecosystem, which can be surprisingly damaging.

How do you ensure that your workers know how to wash a forklift battery correctly? Share your tips with us in the comments. Ger more information on this topic here: Forklift battery wash equipment

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