Four Great Ideas For Wedding Pictures You Have to Consider

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It’s not a competition, but let’s be honest here. You want your wedding picture albums to be the best photo books anyone has ever seen — way better than all of your friends’ wedding pictures. Here are a few great ideas to help you do just that.

Aerial Shots.

If at all possible, see if your photographer can take some aerial album pictures. You can get the entire wedding together and take an awesome looking crowd shot from above. You could also throw the bouquet up at the camera for a cool, aerial action shot. Best of all, the bride can lay down on a grassy field (if your wedding isn’t in the winter, that is), and spread the wedding dress out so everyone can see it in all of its splendor.

Generational Photos.

If your parents, grandparents, or possibly even great grandparents are able to attend the wedding, you could do a series of cool generational album pictures. You could go beyond a simple lineup shot and get a picture of everyone’s wedding rings.

Before Shots.

Sure, a lot of the action happens at the ceremony and the reception, but there’s a lot going on before the actual wedding, too. You could get some seriously great album pictures of all the bridesmaids getting ready, the groomsmen hanging out, or even of the couple reading each other’s letters before the ceremony.

First Look Pictures.

The photographer is obliged to get a shot of the groom when he sees the bride for the first time, but what about mom and dad? Some of the most endearing wedding album pictures you can get are of fathers seeing their daughters for the first time on the big day, or even of mothers seeing their sons standing there waiting.

These are just some of the awesome ideas for album pictures that are out there. If you know of any other, feel free to share in the comments. Learn more:

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