Why You Should Leave Sealcoating Services to the Pros

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You might have considered getting into jet black sealcoating services, but there are some reasons why sealcoating is best left to the pros. The Youtube video “Why You SHOULD NOT Get Into The Asphalt Sealing Business!” shows exactly why it’s not advisable to get into this industry. Let’s find out more!
One of the main reasons why sealcoating is not the best industry is the weather.

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In the video, the host says that Michigan only gets around five months of favorable weather for sealcoating, so that means spending the rest of the year with no income. You can’t trust snow plowers because sometimes there’s not enough on the ground. Also, rain is a sealcoating business’s worst enemy because asphalt sealer needs to dry fully. If even a speck of rain comes down while it’s drying, it’ll ruin the entire process.
So, due to the weather, most jet black sealcoating services end up working only about 100 days per year, and you’ll have to be insanely busy those days with no breaks or holidays to deter you. That’s not always possible for everyone.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about jet black sealcoating services.

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