Should You Become a Legal Tax Preparer?

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Do you want to earn an extra income? Do you enjoy working from home? Then becoming a tax preparer may be the right career path for you. This video provides essential information regarding tax prep training and becoming a legal tax preparer.

To become a tax preparer, the internal revenue service (IRS) requires you to pass a rigorous tax prep training and exam before you can begin preparing taxes. Once you pass the exam, you must get the preparer’s tax identification number (PTIN).

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Once you receive your PTIN, you must register with the IRS to obtain certification to practice. This will allow IRS to verify your identity.

To register, go to the IRS website and enter your information. After registering with the IRS, you must become an authorized e-file provider. As an approved e-file provider, you can submit electronic versions of your client’s tax returns directly to the IRS. Once you have been confirmed, you will receive an approval letter. This letter will inform you how to file returns online and what fees you will charge. In addition, it will tell you how to access the IRS’s e-file system.


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