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This video demonstrates the installation process of a commercial glass at a shopfront. With commercial glass, you’re dealing with larger glass panes requiring more care and attention. Commercial glass is heat and scratch resistant and typically suits areas with high traffic counts like restaurants, banks, and pharmacies.

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Commercial glass also has a thermal break that prevents heat from building up and prevents breakage during extreme temperatures.

The following tips will help by giving step-by-step instructions for installing commercial glass in your home. Start by cleaning up any messes before starting the project. It’s essential to have everything clean and organized before making any moves on site. Before beginning any project, measure carefully to know exactly where to place each panel of commercial glass to corners and edges. It will prevent unnecessary cutting or trimming down on your project time.

Ensure all measurements are accurate before cutting pieces of glass out of their frames or backing boards. A professional glass installer will use a drill, a saw, and a grinder to install your glass. They will also use a sander, a file, and an adhesive. Their experience and expertise allow them to provide quality commercial glass installation.

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