The Purpose of a C14 Plug Adapter

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If you are in the technology business, or if you run an industrial floor, you definitely have used plug adapters before. Do you know about the purpose of a c14 plug adapter? If not, keep reading here to learn more!

This adapter is used to convert the c13 power cable to the needs of the c14 power cable. This is great if you use or own mostly c13 cables, but need to add a c14 cable to your network.

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The c14 cable is larger than the c13, so it cannot typically connect. This is a quick, low-cost solution that will help you avoid the overuse of many cables. You no longer have to worry about differently-sized ports on your computer or other power equipment. With a hardened plastic casing, your cords will be well protected for years to come.

Want to learn more about these adapters and the cords they are used for? Watch the video in this article! You can also watch more videos from the same company in order to learn more about their products. To get started with adapters, call a custom cord company today. They’ll help you get the cord or adapter that you need.


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