How Temp Agencies Work

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A temp agency is a firm or organization that connects companies to workers who require temporary or contractual work. Temp agencies usually charge companies for the workers they recruit to fill their job roles before the temp workers are hired by the temp agency. This sort of arrangement enables recruits in need of temporary work to find short-term job opportunities. Temp agencies also help companies and businesses by enabling them to avoid employing and firing a full-time worker to fill a temporary job position.

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One of the major perks of temp agencies is that they offer simplicity to companies looking to hire workers for a temporary job assignment. This helps companies to avoid piles of paperwork associated with hiring and firing part-time workers for the purpose of menial tasks. Temp agencies also help companies by finding workers faster than if they chose to find workers for themselves. A temp agency will do all the work from filtering resumes, to conducting interviews and other necessary screening tests.

Temp agencies also provide companies with the service of trying out new workers before a company can hire them as full-time employees. A fee is usually charged for this but it is a better alternative to finding full-time workers when a company requires them.

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