What a Bookkeeper can do for Your Business

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Owning a small business means handling a lot of finances. It can be a headache, which is why having a book keeper or account service can help you. This video explains what a bookkeeper can do for your business.

Categorize Expenses

The government needs to know how much money you made and what you spent money on. A bookkeeper will keep track of all of your expenses and income, and see what expenses you can deduct from your taxes.

Monthly Reports

After categorizing expenses, a book keeper will put together a monthly report on your profits and losses. This can help you come up with ideas on how to adjust your budget and push your business for more profits.

End of Year Tax Reports

A book keeper will also work with your accountant at tax time. They will take a look at all of your employees, payroll, and more and send that to an accountant. The accountant is the one who will actually file your taxes for you.

Keeping track of expenses, profits, deductibles, and other tax information can be a nearly impossible task if you’re running the day-to-day operations of a business. To learn more about what a book keeper can do for you, click on the link above.

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