How Well Drilling Businesses in Cleveland Drill New Wells

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Working for a well drilling business can give an intern great insights into the industry. If you’re looking for your next job, working for well drilling businesses might be right for you.

The video on this page can give you an idea of how wells are drilled.

Video Source

The host of the video showcases the full process of drilling a new well. First, they set up an impressively sized drill that will bore a narrow hole hundreds of feet deep into the ground. In the video, the well they drill out reaches 480 feet deep. As they drill, they eject the contents of what used to be underground out through a pipe. As they drill deeper, they gradually get more water out of the ground than dust. When they can get 20 gallons of water out of the ground each minute, they know they have dug deep enough.

Once the well is drilled, they case it with a pipe that will keep debris and foreign objects out of the well. Then, they install a well pump to help the property owner pull water directly out of the ground.

To learn more about the way well drilling businesses work in Cleveland and elsewhere, reach out to well drillers near you.

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