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When looking at a company’s websites, you will notice that some are set up very similarly, and some are structured completely uniquely. That’s because all businesses when making their custom websites, choose between using a CMS (content management system) or using a custom-coded site. There are positives and negatives to both options, so let’s dive into some of the reasons why you would choose one or the other.

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A CMS site has a structure already in place, to make creating and editing your site much easier. Different sites may be paid or not paid, or some features might just require pay. For example, WordPress is a very popular CMS system. You can build a site for free with some features, however, if you want a custom URL, you will need to pay for it.

A custom-coded site typically requires an outside coding team (unless you happen to be an expert on HTML)! However, it allows you the freedom to create your own site from scratch, completely tailored to your own needs. So, while it is typically more expensive, it can also be more rewarding. Keep watching the video to learn more about custom websites!

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