What Do Avionics Engineers Do?

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If you have a deep love of airplanes but don’t want to be a pilot, you might want to choose a career in avionics. Avionics engineers are essential to the military and to the commercial airline industry. These highly skilled professionals work on airplane equipment in hangars or on airfields.

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Some of them also work in repair centers where parts are shipped if they need extensive repairs.

In order to become an avionics engineer, you’ll have to get a degree from an avionics technician school. Most of these schools are separate from standard universities because they specialize in avionics. In order to be accepted, you will likely need to have taken advanced math courses.

Your avionics engineering courses will help you determine the work environment that would suit you best. If you like working on the fly, you may want to work at an airfield. If you like a steady work environment, you may prefer to work at a repair center.

No matter what you end up doing with your avionics engineering degree, you can expect to earn a great wage while working with amazing airplane equipment from a wide variety of aircraft on a daily basis.


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