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Cleveland clinic high school internships

To be competitive for colleges, students need to have an edge on their applications. One way to set yourself apart from other applicants is to put together a resume full of extracurriculars, including Cleveland catch basin cleaning internships made available through organizations or businesses around the city. By completing these types of internships in high school, you are investing early in your future success and financial security in various fields, including marketing a firm that sells used vehicles.

Cleveland offers many unique opportunities for young people who want to build up their resumes with marketable skills during their teen years. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience in the field you want to work in after high school: there are different fields you can engage in during an internship. For instance, you can enroll for an internship to obtain welding service knowledge which may help you during garage door installation at home or for commercial purposes. Whether it is your dream job or just something to put on your resume, interning is an excellent learning experience that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Cleveland is home to many companies and organizations ideal for high school students looking for their first internship. Check out these Cleveland-based internships that you can easily apply to through your higher education admissions software, which will allow you to develop new knowledge and gain experience in various fields:

NECA- National Electrical Contractors Association Program

NECA is a Cleveland high school clinic internship program that offers students practical work experience while developing contact and professional relationships within the industry. Internships are available in marketing, product management, graphic design, public relations, and more.

First off, this would be an excellent experience for anyone technical or business-minded. This will make you much more attractive to future employers when they see you have fundamental world knowledge that can directly apply to the workplace. On top of this, it is NECA which is a highly well-known company in Cleveland! Not only does it look amazing on paper having them on your resume, but it also helps with contact if you put effort into the internship.

Firewire Internship Program

Firewire is a Cleveland clinic high school internship program that matches deserving high school seniors with employers in Northeast Ohio who are looking for interns to complete projects while learning about the company and becoming interested in permanent employment. The summer internships will give students valuable experience while earning community service credits.

After completing the ten-week paid internship, students may be eligible to interview with the employer for entry-level positions. This is a great opportunity, especially if you are still unsure what you want to major in when you get to college. On top of this, it could lead to full-time employment after graduation, which would be a fantastic resume builder! Gain real-world experience before you even go into college or your field of study!

Cleveland Public Theatre

This Cleveland clinic high school internship program seeks motivated high school students who want to learn about all aspects of theatre production by working with our technical team. Projects range from set construction, painting, light board operation, box office management, and more!

This internship would be great if you are interested in studying theatre at a college level. Because it gives you real-world experience on top of showing what a day in your life would be like as a student actor/ stage manager/ scenic designer etc. On top of this, they have ‘intern appreciation awards’ that give out prizes just for being an intern. It can help build your resume and help you gain contacts in the industry, so it’s always great to have on your resume.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is now accepting applications for paid Cleveland clinic high school internships! Interns work ten-to-twelve-hour days, 5 days a week during the academic school year (September – May). During the summer months, they may choose to continue working or select other internships. Applicants must be active students in grades nine to twelve with at least a 2.5 GPA. Previous interns have successfully careered for us and nationally acclaimed universities such as Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University, Indiana University, Penn State University, Purdue University, and more.

Paid Internship that allows you to get real-world experience before college is vital. You can acquire skills that help you undertake simple tasks such as driveway and sidewalk cleaning or catch basin cleaning that may earn you some money in the future. Not only is this great for a resume, but it also helps out with knowledge in your field of interest, if it is something like Anthropology or Earth science. This internship would be great if you planned to attend CWRU, Columbia, Indiana University, or any other well-known school because of the fantastic networking opportunities. Having more than one internship under your belt will make you look good when applying for different programs.

Cleveland Yachting Club

The Cleveland Yachting Club offers high school internships in preparation for a career in the marine industry. The Cleveland clinic high school internship seeks dedicated individuals willing to learn all aspects of yacht maintenance, emphasizing boat detailing.

This internship sounds incredible if you are really into boating or even building boats. The course gives you an in for the rest of your life when it comes to having a job in both fields, so it is excellent for your resume and gives you real-world experience in different areas that can help you get into college or advance your career.

Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo (Teen Naturalist)

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is another ideal Cleveland clinic internship program seeking high school students who will act as ambassadors for the Zoo Education Department through teen naturalist programs throughout the school year. Interns work with educators to develop programming focused on engaging and inspiring students to connect with nature and the environment.

This internship sounds cool if you are passionate about animals and zoos. It allows you to do school presentations on animals that they would not usually see within city limits, making them more interested in education or coming out to the Zoo on family day or just coming out. After all, kids like free things, so this internship is excellent for building your resume and helping out at a place like Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Cuyahoga County Public Library (Teen Scene)

Teen Scene volunteers help connect kids to resources that promote teen educational and recreational interests while providing library patrons with a fun activity during their visit. In this Cleveland clinic high school internship program, you will be meeting teens they are at by sharing your love of books and reading. They need help with ideas for promoting monthly activities, recruiting teens to participate in monthly activities, being the host or co-host of monthly activities, helping out with special events, leading teen book clubs/ discussion groups, mentoring teens in developing their projects related to teen services.

This internship would be great if you are into writing or having fun, because it gives you free rein on connecting Cleveland teens with things that interest them, which is especially important for today’s economy. After all, they are interested in something like technology, so they know about it, and it is suitable for resume building, networking opportunities and idea generation.

Cuyahoga County Public Library (Library Adventure Team)

Under the supervision of the Youth Services Librarian, volunteers assist with activities designed to promote the use of library resources for children and teens. As a member of the Library Adventure Team, you will work directly with young people of all ages in one-on-one settings during the Cleveland Clinic high school internship program. This internship is excellent for kids who love writing or just being creative: it allows them to work with kids on writing interesting projects as public library patrons. This means they visit more often because it’s good for everyone involved, so it’s suitable for networking and resume building.

Euclid Public Library (Youth Collection Specialist)

The Euclid Public Library provides programs through ‘storytimes’ for younger children, activities at teen events; an annual summer reading program; and one-on-one assistance for school research projects. The Youth Collection Specialist will plan, organize, and maintain the library’s collection of materials for children, pre-school through middle school. This Cleveland Clinic Internship is excellent for kids who like reading: they can read books that interest them. It is also helpful to assist them in improving their creative craft, which means they will gain more confidence in themselves, which is great for resume assistance and networking opportunities.

The Facades Students Cuyahoga Community College Program

This Cleveland clinic high school internship heights provide an 8-week after-school program for at-risk youth. Parental incarceration and lack of supervision, among others, all result in underachievement in school. This Cleveland clinic high school internship aims to develop mentoring skills by working with our scholars to improve their academic performance.

In addition, mentors will help scholars strengthen healthy relationships and support positive decision-making, ultimately leading them to college completion. This internship would be great if you are into writing and the power of mentoring, because it allows you to work with kids and teens who need you, suitable for resume-building and networking opportunities.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Communications Assistant)

As a member of the Cleveland clinic high school internship program in the Communications Team, your role will be working directly with district and school administrators and multiple departments throughout CSSD. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with various aspects of the district’s operations.

You also get the chance to develop your skills by assisting staff with creating communication plans, maintaining internal databases, writing press releases, conducting research, drafting newsletter articles, and organizing community events. This internship would be great if you are into writing, so everything gives you the freedom to do whatever you want as long as you work on those skills.

YMCA of Greater Cleveland (Summer Camp Counselor)

As a Summer Camp Counselor, you will be responsible for supervising youth participants in assigned activities at the summer camp facility and providing a safe and healthy environment by promoting good sportsmanship, positive peer pressure, self-esteem, leadership qualities, etc. This internship would be great if you are into mentoring and being creative because it allows you to have fun while working with kids, suitable for resume-building and networking opportunities.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Adult Education Program Assistant)

The student will become familiar with adult education program practices and procedures in this position, including after-school tutoring and community service activities. This student will work closely with the adult education program staff and participants to develop and implement innovative ideas that promote academic, career, and personal growth. The student will be required to maintain documentation and records of all adult education program-related activities, which require attention to detail and accuracy to regularly produce reports for senior leadership. This internship would be great if you are creative, because you can do whatever you want as long as it promotes good things, especially networking opportunities.

High school students can strengthen their resumes and gain experience by working as interns. Many Cleveland clinic high school internships are available to high school students, so young professionals should understand some of the most common ones before seeking employment. Although not all companies offer internships for those under 18, motivated teens can find an internship that will help them develop valuable skills and prepare them for a future career. Some skills will also play a crucial role at home, such as helping in undertaking mulching services with completing some auto repair services, and understanding what to buy when they go to the auto parts store for the repairs.

As a future college student, it can be hard to find ways to gain relevant experience, such as sedation dentistry. High schoolers are typically not in the workplace getting paid their worth, but that does not mean you cannot get real experience before you even step foot onto that campus. To add on top of gaining expertise, high school students often have free time due to all their classes or just taking more accessible courses than dedicated first-year students.

Another common niche is an internship at a local university. For example, students may assist professors with lesson plans or grade tests for students at their high school or college level. There are also internships available for teens who would like to gain knowledge in the science field. Some possibilities include working as an assistant for medical researchers trying to cure cancer, helping psychology majors conduct research projects on dreams, or acting as personal assistants to doctors who are doing experiments on monkeys.

Many businesses hire interns because they need assistance completing company projects. Although some companies prefer young professionals with extensive work experience, most companies recognize that high school interns have no prior obligations and can work longer hours without taking time off from family responsibilities. Therefore, students may find that they will be expected to work more than 40 hours a week and receive less pay than someone paid an hourly rate for the same job.

Although many businesses offer internships, teens should remember that companies prefer applicants who demonstrate organizational skills and motivation. There are plenty of opportunities available for young professionals interested in learning valuable skills or creating a great resume.

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