Acting On Your Best Instinct: The Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Performing Arts School


School is an essential part of people’s lives. Whether a person goes to public school, private schools (including charter schools and specialty schools), or is schooled at home depends on a variety of factors. Some are given the choice by their parents while others are determined by circumstances such as income, the area they live in, or by their religious beliefs. Many parents with the means to do so are opting to send their child to performing arts schools because of the many benefits they provide over traditional schooling.

Performing arts schools are a unique type of charter schools in which the arts are not only encouraged, but actively pursued as a type of education in itself that teaches deeply human and interpersonal skills. In fact, 93% of Americans believe that the arts are critical for a well-rounded education. More than half of Americans rate the importance of the arts as a 10 on a scale from one to 10, making performing arts schools a wonderful investment in your child’s future.

A performing arts school is no just be a school for arts and academics, but a great environment for the development of your child. Far from studying math concepts and history, they’ll learn to interact with others on a holistic scale while finding their own unique voice and talents. Since charter schools and performing arts schools are usually tuition-based (or simply smaller in size), you’ll also have more access and say to your child’s educational development.

Learning More Than Just Academics

At a performing arts school, make no mistake that your child will be learning the academic concepts that they need to get by in the real world. There will certainly be no shortage of mathematical concepts, history, or literature. In fact, most states require that charter schools and performing arts schools alike conform to the basic academic standards of public and state schools. So the foundation for learning will certainly be there, but on top of it will be other robust challenges in the performing and visual arts.

Performing arts schools tend to attract a certain level of instructors as well, meaning that your child’s teachers will tend to be specialized in a certain area. These teachers might also have more formal qualifications than traditional public school teachers. This means that the teaching environment will either be more rigorous or structured differently, which is a good challenge to a developing student. Nothing is guaranteed, but teachers of this caliber are often reported as the inspiration for many students that later go onto professional careers in the performing arts.

Building Confidence, Breaking Conventions

Depending on your child’s unique talents and interests, a variety of extracurricular and contemporary classes will be offered in addition to the basic academic foundation. Your child may be interested in pursuing the visual arts and therefore schedule time for painting, sculpting, or mixed media artistic expression. As part of their classes, they may engage with other students in a school project where they paint a mural or improve the school artistically in some way. This becomes both an expression of the child’s creativity and a net benefit for the school community. In this way, it improves the learning environment for everyone.

Perhaps a student is more drawn to the performing arts such as plays or dance. In addition to their studies, they may be encouraged or able to participate or create performances that are not only delightful and entertaining, but also convey an important message or discuss a societal concern from the point of view of their generation. In this way, performing arts schools go way beyond what is allowed in traditional schools. They allow students to develop as adults that are ready to enter the real working world. Their knowledge is not only based on what is in books, but what the interpersonal dynamics of being a human are really like.

Are you thinking about enrolling your child into charter schools that focus on performing arts?

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