How Trade Show Booths Connect Buyers With Manufacturers

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Even in this modern digital world, trade show booths remain an effective marketing strategy.

Digital powerhouses like Microsoft and Google still use expos and trade shows to expand their loyal customer base. Every year, these influential corporations attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as a marketing strategy for their digital goods, which is always a major success. It demonstrates how technology companies, especially those in the gaming industry, use trade show booth displays to promote their brands.

Trade shows are gaining traction, with 47 percent of exhibitors saying they value and appreciate the ability to meet with and interact face to face with a variety of players, such as resellers, suppliers, customers, and so on. It’s clear evidence that expos are still an effective way of connecting with potential buyers.

Five Reasons Expos Build Better Relationship Between Buyer and Manufacturer

Even today, using trade show booths is still one of the most effective advertising tactics for establishing a significant and long-term relationship between buyer and manufacturer. In fact, trade show exhibits provide manufacturers with particularly unique value that they do not receive from other promotional methods, according to 99 percent of marketers.

Trade show banner printing may appear to be outdated due to the rapid progressions in digital advertising, such as webinars, streaming video conferencing, and social media marketing. However, trade show booths continue to provide perks that these new promotional strategies cannot. A trade show offers a personal and unique experience, both of which are essential in establishing a powerful link with prospective customers.

There are several ways trade show booths can help you connect better with current and potential clients, providing you with the following benefits:

  1. Leads To Efficient Face-to-Face Advertising

Compared to exchanging email messages, in-person interactions instill confidence and build trust more successfully. Although video conferencing appears to be an excellent substitute for face-to-face interaction, it is not as comforting as actually meeting with the person.

You can converse directly with prospective customers at an expo or trade show. Handshaking engages the sensation of touch, which is still an efficient way of establishing trust. It is a more personal and direct experience that a digital strategy cannot provide.

  1. Provides High Potential for Lead Generation

Big trade shows can produce a significant number of possible leads. In 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) drew a record-breaking crowd of over 63,000 people.

Attendees flock to expo shows because they know that exhibitors can provide quick solutions. Eighty-one percent of people attending trade shows have purchasing power – meaning nearly four out of every five people wandering the aisles are prospective clients for the exhibitors. That’s why customers who immediately require the products or services of major manufacturers attend trade shows.

  1. Increases Brand Visibility Among Targeted Customers

Participating in an expo or trade show that’s hugely relevant to your industry can guarantee that people are highly qualified leads. Consumers attending these shows are usually eager to discover innovative products and new developments in your industry. They’ve already softened up, making it much easier to establish your brand.

Your display booth should make a great first impression on potential customers. With relevant attending public, trade shows can provide sufficient exposure for your company.

  1. Facilitates the Collection of Customer Feedback

Real-time customer feedback is a one-of-a-kind chance at trade shows not available through other marketing tactics such as digital advertising campaigns. Existing and potential customers can talk directly with you and convey particular needs that your company can satisfy.

New product launches at trade shows can help you get feedback immediately. Customers can communicate with you which particular features they enjoy – providing crucial input and valuable insights you can use to improve the product or service.

  1. Develops Long-term Relationships

Trade shows can help build long-term relationships with both clients and other companies in your sector. Exhibiting at an expo provides excellent networking opportunities, leading to future business deals and partnerships.

Use Trade Shows To Make the Right Connections

Join expos to form long-lasting business relationships that will help your company grow faster. With excellent trade show printing materials, you can better connect with current and potential customers by exposing your brand to numerous relevant leads. Following up will be easier because you’ve already created trust with the clients after meeting you in person.

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