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It might be tempting to think that the Internet and computers have rendered paper totally obsolete, but this is not really true. In fact, many businesses and companies today make use of both digital media and paper media alike, since they may serve different but equally valid purposes. This means that a business may have need for toner cartridges and printer repair, and many business clients turn to entire printer firms for help. These firms in particular may need regular supplies such as toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and other printer supplies and repair services. Why might cartridge supplies and paper and other materials be useful for printing? Or rather, what does paper offer that digital media does not?

The Power of Paper

Many modern businesses are making use of printer firms for good reason: paper has some perks that digital media does not. Paper has been used for many centuries, and this continues to the present day. Paper is quite useful for financial reports, employee and personnel files, memos, future plans, and much more at the office and may be more convenient in some contexts than a digital file. What is more, companies often realize that their clients and customers in fact may prefer getting paper mail to getting e-mails all day long.

Paper has some distinct advantages when it comes to communicating with customers. For one thing, paper media will never contain phishing scams or computer viruses or spyware like e-mails might, and this makes paper more trustworthy. E-mail is powerful, but this technology is often exploited for spreading harmful computer viruses, stealing information and money, and more. Shady e-mails may imitate those from a legitimate sender and ask for personal information, such as bank account numbers or the person’s social security number or even their address or date of birth. Real companies will never ask for this sort of information. Shady e-mails may also contain links or have attachments that, when opened, spread computer viruses that may cause all sorts of trouble.

Paper media also bypasses the stress and clutter of e-mail and social media that people often face. Digital media has its uses, but many people have hopelessly cluttered e-mail inboxes or social media accounts and they may suffer burnout. Paper media avoids this, since senders are more constrained about the paper media that they send and consumers may have fewer paper mail subscriptions than e-mail ones. And finally, paper mail can be touched by the hands and even has a scent, and this sensory input appeals to the human mind and may make paper mail easier to remember and keep track of. Studies have confirmed this. In short, being tangible makes paper mail more appealing than e-mails.

The Right Supplies

A business client may order wholesale paper supplies for in-house use, from ordinary white printer paper to toner cartridges and ink cartridges for their printers, copiers, and other devices in the office. This is sufficient for in-house purposes in the office, but a company that needs to send hundreds of thousands of mail pieces to customers needs to outsource this labor. Print media campaigns may be possible when a printing firm is recruited, and these firms may print vast quantities of paper documents for nearly any purpose and for the right price. These firms will have a variety of paper types, ink, envelopes, and more that are necessary to handle any sort of print job that they may get from their business clients. Naturally, this means that printing firms have large-scale wholesale needs for all those printers. This includes not just toner cartridges, but also paper such as card stock or shimmer paper, or even large glossy paper for printing posters. These firms may also call for printer repair services as needed.

It may also be noted that every so often, an office will clear out excess paper. Paper is very useful, but an excess of it may cause issues such as lost or misfiled documents or even a fire hazard. Therefore, a company may regularly hire services who will digitally scan many documents and upload their digital versions for their clients. Once this is done, the physical copies may be shredded to protect sensitive information, and the paper can be recycled.

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