Measles Outbreaks Continue to Plaque Some Areas of the Country

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The beginning of the school year is getting a little more complicated for some families in certain parts of the country. As the nation deals with the resurgence of measles in several areas, there are both school districts and play groups who are banning any children who are not vaccinated.

In a move that few could imagine, school districts are having to no longer accept religious reasons for not getting vaccinated. In an effort to avoid putting entire school populations at risk, school officials and medical advisers are looking for measures that can help limit the spread of measles, a disease that was nearly eradicated a few decades ago.
The Best Medical Fridge Freezers Cannot Help Families Who Do Not Get Their Children Immunized

Fueled by false information from the past and perpetuated by a few celebrities who get a lot of air time, the anti vaccine movement continues to be a growing health concern. For the youngest infants who are not yet old enough to get vaccinated and the older children with compromised immune systems, families who do not vaccinate their children are putting the most vulnerable at risk. Scientific and engineering progress can create medical refrigerator freezers that can safely store vaccines, but if the vaccinations are not given the vaccine storage refrigerators are of little use.

We live in a time when there are many people who are certain that the government and the medical establishment are forcing their wishes too often. As a result, these individuals claim that they have a right to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, the decision to forgo immunizations is a health risk for an entire community.

Imagine if you will that you decided that the risk of being rear ended was too great when you stopped at a stop sign so you made the decision to no longer stop at marked intersections. Your refusal to follow a proven safety precaution means that you certainly will not be hit from behind, but it also significantly increases the chance that you will hit someone else who enters an intersection assuming that you will stop at the posted sign.

This traffic comparison may seem like a stretch, but the fact of the matter is to the vast majority of the people in America who get their required shots, ignoring the health recommendations of experts is as foolish as knowingly driving through a stop sign. In fact, it is even worse because statistically you could get rear ended when you were following the traffic rules, but you will not suffer consequences if you are vaccinated.

Medical fridge freezer help ensure vaccines are stored properly by providing two of three important steps: store vaccines at the ideal temperature; record daily temperatures at the start of the workday; check temperature whenever you access the refrigerator and take action if temperature is out of desired range. Pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and freezers play important roles in the health of the nation, but they cannot serve their function if the vaccines are not used by everyone.

Today, 24 million children across the globe do not have access to the routine vaccine series they need to receive before they turn 12 months. A major reason that they do not have this access is that they live in remote locations where it is difficult to have the electricity needed for medical fridge freezer. It is frustrating that in America, where lack of electricity is not an issue, that there are families that ignore the need for vaccinations.

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