Convenience Or Aesthetic? The Design Ingredients That Really Catch A Customer’s Eye Today

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Smart packaging is everything. Without it you might as well kiss your business’s future goodbye.

If that sounds a little extreme…that’s because it is! The first thing your customer will notice about your product, well before they’ve taken a bite or a sip, is the cover. They’ll observe the logo, read the ingredients, mull over the little blurb you put beneath the brand name. When your resealable pouches aren’t telling them what they need to know? They’ll set it right down and head straight over to your competitors.

From chocolate candy bags to dog food packaging, there’s a unifying foundation that brings it all together. It’s time to go on a journey on what, exactly, cements the perfect design.

Customers Read Food Labels…Even If You Don’t Think They Will!

You think maybe you should put the most effort into your logo. That’s what holds people’s attention, right? According to recent studies, expanding your effort equally might be the best option. Around two out of three Americans will actively read food labels, which makes sense in a country consumed by diet culture. You should stress the unique benefits that your product offers — complete with flashy graphics — so eyes are roaming and sticking where they need to.

That Doesn’t Mean A Good Logo Isn’t Incredibly Important

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! You still need to have a logo or a label that attracts the eye and doesn’t let go. Businesses that pay close attention to their packaging report a 30% increase on average in consumer interest. In fact, pair this alongside another study that found 85% of shoppers stating their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping around. Your logo is responsible less for informing what your business does and more for getting someone’s attention…the rest comes later!

Tea And Coffee Remain Highly Lucrative Fields

If you’re creating resealable pouches and organic packaging for tea or coffee…you’re already off to a great start. Tea and coffee remain some of the most lucrative and beloved products today, stretching across the globe and offering infinite potential across several demographics. The concept of iced coffee, in particular, dates back as far as the 1600s in Japan. Over 55% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day, with the average American coffee drinker consuming three cups daily.

Packaging Should Also Be Extremely Convenient, No Matter What

What else do customers want aside from an attractive logo and some useful information? Nice, tidy convenience right at their fingertips. Resealable pouches are a must-have for any food item, as you never know when someone needs to roll up their purchase and tuck it away for later! This goes even beyond simple buying and handling, however. Organic paper bags that are eco-friendly do the dual work of being convenient and a great way to show your business’s thoughtfulness.

Wrapping All These Elements Together In One Handy Little Package

There’s an infinite world of potential for the business that puts extra care into their packaging. You’ll not just attract more customers…but you might even get some free marketing out of the deal. An interesting 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights study revealed at least 65% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye. Not just that, but 40% of consumer stated they would share a photo of a product on social media if the organic tea packaging or clear pouch bag was interesting. Imagine what revamping your layout could do!

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Take another look at your resealable pouches this year and improve your revenue.

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