The Importance Of Donating Clothes


In The United States, clothing is not only seen as a way to protect your body from natural, weather elements while also keeping you comfortable. Yes, you can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but clothing also serves another function. Fashion. Women in particular utilize clothing for fashion purposes. Many see fashion as a way to translate their creativity and their uniqueness. They show the world who they are through what they wear. They can be interesting, powerful, colorful, and creative, and it all appears through the fabric they purchase and wear. Fashion and trends have caused the average American (typically women) to buy twice as many pieces, fabrics, and styles of clothing than they did 20 years ago. Additionally, many American women throw out their clothes when they become unfashionable. Only 15% of Americans donate or recycle clothes they no longer wear. The rest throw them out. However, it is not wise to throw out clothes. Americans should donate clothes instead. Here’s the importance of local clothing donations.

To begin, not all Americans throw out their used clothes. In fact, around 4.7 million clothes are donated by American people each year. That’s fantastic! But, more Americans should donate their used clothes. Why is donating used clothes important? Participating in local clothing donations helps the environment. When people donate their clothing to organizations, charity foundations, green charities, etc. they are helping the environment. Creating new clothes actually puts tension on the environment. Specifically, polyester fiber production. So, when you donate clothes, and more people buy and wear used clothes, less clothes need to be made. This helps the environment, similar to recycling water bottles, soda cans, etc.

Local clothing donations help people who can’t afford clothes. For children in need of clothing and adults in need of clothing, donating clothes gives them the clothes they need. Many charity organizations sell well-conditioned, gently used clothing at a discounted price. In doing so, individuals and families who don’t have much money can afford clothes. This is especially important when people need warm clothing during cold winter months. It is important to note that many charity organizations use a percentage of their profits to support other organizations or causes like community centers, rehabilitation organizations, and wounded veterans charities.

You can help veterans through local clothing donations. Many organizations have a drop off for clothes (and household goods, sometimes). When you drop off your used clothes and household goods, you are helping veterans. Many of the donations go to fund programs for veterans and wounded veterans. Additionally, donations also help the families of veterans. They receive the support and guidance they need.

Local clothing donations help people who have been diagnosed with diseases. Clothing donations don’t only help the environment, those who can’t afford clothes, and veterans. Many donations also help people who are ill all throughout the United States. Organizations are able to support heart foundations and kidney foundations, to name a few. There are also organizations that accept donations to help the blind. With each donation, organizations have the ability to provide education and technology to the blind and those who are gradually losing their sight (due to medical conditions). Therefore, when you donate clothes, you help the blind become more independent.

Individuals who have endured a natural disaster, find assistance through donations. During a disaster such as a hurricane, many individuals lose everything they have. They lose their home, their belongings, and their clothes. This is especially important with families who have endured a natural disaster. How will the children find clothes to wear? How will the parents make sure their children are protected from natural elements (one main purpose of clothing)? When you donate clothing, these clothes go to disaster survivors.

Giving your used clothes away helps you become organized and neat. Many people have too many clothes. Shirts, sweaters, jeans, dresses, etc. take up a lot of room in closets and dresser drawers. However, going through your used clothes and donating the clothes you no longer wear, gives you more space. You can organize your closet, find things easily, and your room will look neater.

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