Learn More About Food and Beverage Logistics Within the Canadian Trucking Industry

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Transportation and storage companies are integral for the effective functioning of the food and beverage industry. These types of companies are tasked with the process of ensuring products are safely transported from their point of origin to their point of distribution and consumption. Furthermore, projections indicate that due to ongoing and increased consumer demand, the trucking industry is expected to experience growth. This is particularly the case with trade relations between Canada and the United States.

A Brief Overview of the Canadian Trucking Industry

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, Canada’s trucking industry is substantial. In addition to having over 260,000 drivers, this industry provides jobs for more than 400,000 total employees. Recent data indicates that this industry is valued at more than $65 billion.

In terms of transporting goods within Canada, for-hire trucking firms handle approximately 80% of the shipping. In 2012 alone, 90% of consumer products and foodstuffs were shipped throughout the country in this manner. The United States continues to be Canada’s primary trade partner, which is where nearly 66% of the overall trade value is transported by truck.

Projected Investments Within Canada’s Transportation Infrastructure

Canada is planning to make a significant investment in its transportation infrastructure over the next ten years. Since the implementation of the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative, $2 billion will be invested in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Canada’s transportation infrastructure. This bodes well for transporting goods within the country as well as current and future trade relations with the United States.

Learn More About Warehousing and Transportation Options

Logistics are a regular concern when you’re in the food and/or beverage industry. Given this, reliable warehousing and distribution services are essential to ensure the smooth operation of your business. It’s also important to note that utilizing a third-party logistics facility is beneficial for streamlining the overall process. This can potentially save your company valuable time and resources. Once you consult with a transportation and food warehouse company representative, you’ll be able to learn how they can provide you with these and other valuable logistics services.

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