Learn More About Jobs and Careers Paths Within the Occupational Health and Safety Industry

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Many currently employed individuals continue to search for new jobs on an active basis. While some of these individuals may subscribe to job lists, others may attend job fairs or engage in a variety of job-seeking practices. While each individual tends to have their own reasons for actively continuing to look for new jobs, this may be due to a lack of job satisfaction, a desire for higher wages and more benefits, or opportunities for advancement.

Recent Gallup Poll Data on Job Searching Activities

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report indicated that 51% of the participants were “actively looking for a new job or watching for openings.” Furthermore, over the past three years prior to the survey being conducted, 35% of the participants had changed jobs. It is quite likely that many employees continue to seek or begin new positions.

Job Growth Projections

Employment opportunities for environmental scientists and specialists are expected to increase. Between 2016 to 2026, 11% growth has been predicted. In 2017, environmental scientists earned a median annual salary of $69,400.00. Occupational health and safety specialists earned a median annual salary of $73,600.00.

Important Workplace Safety Developments

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a valuable service to 130 million employees throughout the United States. This agency focuses on, and is responsible for, workplace safety and health issues. Due to OSHA’s efforts, safety standards are constantly being improved. This is particularly the case with worker illness and injury as well as workplace fatalities.

In 1972, for example, there were 10.9 incidents of worker illness and injury for every 100 workers. In 2016, this number was reduced to 2.9. Due to OSHA’s increased safety standards, daily workplace fatalities also decreased between 1970 to 2016. The number of workplace fatalities was reduced from 38 to 14 per day.

Learn More About Career Opportunities in Occupational Health and Safety

There are a variety of positions and career paths within the occupational health and safety industry. In addition to entry level occupational health and safety jobs, certified industrial hygienist jobs, safety technician jobs, and risk control jobs may be of interest. Since you may be one of the aforementioned employed individuals actively searching for a new position or career path, learning more about certified industrial hygienist jobs may be an excellent place to begin.

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