Millennials Make Up 35% Of The Workforce The Changing Face Of Today’s Working Culture

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Every generation has different needs. Recognizing this is your first step toward creating a work environment where everyone’s on the same page.

The workplace can seem like a right mess at times. You have to navigate unique personalities, the parameters you’re given by your boss and still deliver on the company’s goals before the end of the day. While age diversity in the workplace is a goal worth pursuing, it’s certainly easier said than done. A workplace culture speaker can help you reach out to multiple demographics and give voice to any concerns or questions they have regarding your business in the long-term. Coaching Millennials isn’t the huge mystery it’s made out to be, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go the extra mile.

How will a workplace culture speaker help you with managing generational differences in the workplace?

Did You Know?

The workplace has all but been flipped upside down these past few decades. Much of what you expect to see either isn’t as common anymore or just flat-out doesn’t apply. That’s no reason to get discouraged, however! For the first time in American history five generations are working side-by-side in the workplace. Today Millennials make up a little over 45% of the workforce. A generations speaker is an intelligent way of bridging the gap between different age groups, experiences and passions.

Future Predictions For The Workplace

A little foresight goes a long way. As a quick refresher, keep in mind members of the Millennial generation were born between 1981 and 1996. Millennials, however, are not the only age group you’re going to need to reach out to. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics has predicted nearly 25% of workers will be at least 55 years old by the time 2019 comes around. More workers today are also choosing to work remotely, citing reduced transportation costs and increased flexibility in their personal life as major motivators for working on-the-go.

Common Concerns Workers Face Today

The reason you’re choosing to start looking into a culture in the workplace speaker is because you want to make sure everyone is being heard. There are a lot of concerns workers are voicing today and it’s up to you to make sure every last person gets a seat at the table. One survey found a significant amount of adults between the ages of 18 and 35 craving feedback, with 80% of respondents stating they prefer frequent feedback to the more traditional performance reviews that have dominated the workplace. Another study saw multiple demographics citing healthcare as their most important benefit.

The Growth Of Workplace Diversity

What else will you need to consider when investing in a workplace culture speaker? Look no further than the phrase of the decade…diversity! Diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives are key to a business that’s just as adaptable as it is efficient. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, over 80% of the CEO’s whose organizations have a diversity strategy in place have stated it has enhanced business performance. This same survey, however, saw just 8% including age as a factor.

Benefits Of A Workplace Culture Speaker

The days of traditional training and basic videos are over. A workplace culture speaker is a necessary form of growth in a work culture increasingly defined by familiarity, adaptability and diversity. Your employees want to know their concerns are being heard and their demands are being met, all of which is much easier to do when you have a workplace culture speaker who knows how to get through to people, no matter the age or background. This same speaker can also assist with financial adviser training and recruitment, helping you to ensure your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

There’s nothing like a little communication to clear up the air. Managing a multigenerational workforce isn’t just a fantasy, but a reality that gets bigger by the day.

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