4 Safety Tips when Choosing a Taxi Service for Airport Transportation

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Traveling by air can be fun and exciting, but trying to get around a new city that you are not familiar with is not so fun. This is where airport transportation services can come in handy. Choosing a car service for airport transportation can be beneficial whether you are traveling alone or have group events which need group transportation. When traveling alone an airport taxi can help get you from the airport to your hotel with minimal effort so long as you practice proper safety. You’re already in a new town you’re not familiar with, so extra precaution should be taken when choosing a taxi for airport transportation. Read and follow these safety tips below to keep yourself safe while traveling.


There were more than 300,000 transportation drivers, including taxis and chauffeurs working in 2016 and it is safe to assume that each one of these drivers had some sort of badge. These badges typically have the drivers picture and the place of employment which is usually the taxi company. It’s important to make sure that the picture matches the driver and that the picture can be seen clearly. If you don’t see a badge ask to see it. If there is any hesitation about showing you proper identification, remove yourself from the taxi and call the taxi cab company immediately.

Ride Alone

If you are traveling alone then you should get airport transportation alone. Sharing a taxi with strangers poses a host of risks that you shouldn’t take. Sharing the cost of a taxi may work out for your pocketbook, but if you are robbed then the money you saved won’t matter. If you share a cab with others you don’t know you also put yourself at risk of someone finding out where you are staying. You never know what could potentially happen, so your best bet is to ride solo if you are traveling solo.


Once a taxi arrives you should wait for the taxi driver to approach you, for your safety. Once you are approached ask the taxi driver who they are here to pick up. Ask them what their destination is. This removes the opportunity to pick up unsuspecting travelers thinking they are getting into a taxi but rather are getting into a trap.


It not uncommon that some travelers don’t know anything about the town they are visiting, but there is one thing that you should review. Find maps of the town and determine ways from the airport to your hotel. Choose the shortest route or choose fastest route. Research to see which highways are more congested at certain times of the day. If you enter a taxi and tell them which destination you want to go to, they can go however they please, but if you tell them a specific route to take, they must follow that route. Do your research and review different ways to your destination. This also helps you make sure they are actually taking you where you asked, and not somewhere else.

Follow these safety tips while traveling and seeking airport transportation, or anytime you are seeking some form of transportation. Try arranging your flight and transportation for normal operating hours as rides that occur during overtime hours can be 50-100% more. Maintain as few stops as possible during your trip, not only for your safety but to save money as well, since stops can cost between $15-$30 each. Plan carefully for your trip and transportation to ensure you have the best time possible.

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