Borescope Inspection of Turbines


Borescope inspection of gas turbine

Gas turbines are incredibly important to energy production, especially in the United States, which, as of 2016, was the world’s largest producer of natural gas. This means keeping those turbines running safely and efficiently is serious business, and borescope inspection of gas turbine and other turbine inspection are critical. Here’s why gas turbine maintenance and turbine support services are so important.

Understanding the Gas Turbine

The idea of the turbine has been around a long time, and the traditional steam turbine for energy production has been used since the 1880s. Gas turbines are far more efficient than steam. The average steam power plant operates at an efficiency of between 35% and 42%. A gas turbine can reach a thermal efficiency of as much as 62%. They also run at far higher temperatures than a steam turbine, reaching 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A steam turbine typically runs at around 1,200 degrees. These differences mean that borescope inspection of gas turbine is essential to avoid harm while still identifying any issues that may have arisen in the machine.

What is A Borescope Inspection?

The boroscope is either a rigid or flexible optical system that allows a person to see into places that humans cannot go themselves. It inspects carefully so that systems are not damaged. It typically consists of a lighting system, rod lens, fiber optics or camera, and an eyepiece.

Why is Borescope Inspection of Gas Turbine Preferred?

Borescopes are generally very easy to use. Their design is clear and straightforward, and because they come in both rigid and flexible options, they can be easily manipulated around corners or crevices. They also produce images of very high quality. In fact, some borescopes are capable of seeing an imperfection as small as 0.0001 cm within a turbine Finally, borescopes are able to cover quite a bit of distance. All these advantages generally make borescope inspection of gas turbine the best gas turbine inspection types available.

What are Borescope Inspections Looking For?

Anything that might compromise the working of the gas turbine. This could be something like salt particles. Not only does salt damage the blades over time, but it also tends to attach to turbine blades and attracts particles of other sorts, like dirt. Too much accumulated dirt and grime can decrease power by as much as 15%.

Natural gas is America’s second most popular energy source and a critical way of powering our economy. The turbines that help to provide us with this power are delicate yet powerful machines that are more difficult to inspect than other industrial machines. It is critical that professional turbine support services conduct regular inspections to keep these turbines working efficiently and safely. Research more like this.

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