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Marketing. It’s a term that conjures to mind a series of ads that are placed on television. These ads may be funny or they may be sharp. They may have attractive people in them to appeal to customers who like attractive people. They may appeal to a person’s personal tastes. These appeals may come in the form of words or colors.

Marketing. By itself, the term has the connotations of sleaziness, though this mostly applies to the advertising part of marketing. Marketing has other connotations as well, and better job descriptions. It involves finance for instance, not just the creating of an ad. It involves the possibility to improving a client’s finances.

Then there is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a discipline where people get together and discuss different things. They may discuss the business of a client, its performance online and its ability to do well. They may discuss its capacity to do well in the online marketplace.

Digital marketing is marketing for online. While marketing as a whole looks at audiences in different areas in the country or countries that the client is looking to reach, digital marketing looks online at different aspects of a company’s online stature. Digital marketers may look at websites, social media accounts, search engine rankings, and more.

Digital marketing encompasses these views and has a particular number of statistics associated with them. They have to do with websites, the search engine optimization, with social media accounts, and more. They are:

  • Companies spent, on average, 25% of total marketing budgets on digital in 2014. But that figure is projected to jump to 75% within the next five years.
  • 80% of consumers do ?a lot? of online research for major purchase decisions, and 46% say they count on social media when making such choices.
  • 50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don’t have a plan.
  • 83% of consumers reported that they have had a “bad experience with social media marketing”.
  • The average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on their path to purchase.

Some of the statistics surrounding digital marketing have to do with specific components of digital marketing. These include points about websites, which are important in the digital marketing landscape. There is also a statistic that shows insight into the challenges of the digital marketer. It is:

Asked to name their number-one challenge, 15% of digital marketers said ?meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer,? 14% chose ?executing consistent campaigns that drive desired business outcomes? and 13% cited the proliferation of channels across paid, owned and earned media.

Digital marketers struggle with a changing landscape, which involves meeting the expectations of customers. Digital marketers must deal with numerous channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, search engine advertising, paid advertising, organic versus non-organic channels and more.

These channels are tricky as numerous businesses are sprouting up every day on the social media market especially, with those businesses trying to gain a certain amount of customers, with many of them amassing hundreds. In these cases, a user is likely only to follow a certain number. This is similar to an economic market.

There is one aspect that digital marketing companies seem to agree on in terms of a company’s performance online. It is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO involves the creation of content that is posted on a website to make it gain relevance on a search engine. This is a powerful tool that people use to gain results.

Search engine optimization can be done by the owner themselves or by a media marketing company that produces SEO articles. This can be what is called a “media campaign” in which a business owner receives a certain amount of materials for a certain cost. Many business owners choose to do this. It can be a powerful thing.

There are terms associated with this. They include software development, software design, SEO company, company brand, branding, digital marketing company, online marketing, web design, website design, importance of building your brand, digital marketing team, digital marketing services, and more.

Software design is something particularly important for a company. Finding the right software that is designed specifically for the needs of the company or within the company’s industry can speed up the process of numerous functions. Software design is helpful. Software design is also important for efficiency and effectiveness.

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