One Out Of Six Americans Get Sick Every Year From Contaminated Food Industrial Steam Generators

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Commercial conveyor belt cleaners

Nobody wants to be in a dirty environment.

Not workers, not visitors and certainly not repeat customers. Businesses will expend a significant amount of their budget on keeping their buildings and offices as pristine as possible, generating a positive first impression and keeping common illnesses at bay. These efforts, however, may not be enough. Many viruses are notoriously stubborn and will latch onto surfaces with people none the wiser, which is nothing to say of pests, dander and pollen. When you want to make sure your money is being used to the fullest of its ability, you turn to a commercial carpet steam cleaner.

Commercial conveyor belt cleaners use a combination of heat and low moisture to kill bacteria, drive away pests and uproot all sorts of hidden contaminants before they can take hold of your business.

Airborne contaminants have a much harsher impact on our health than previously thought. In fact, indoor air pollution has been found to be much worse than outdoor air pollution, prompting businesses all over the world to search for more effective cleaning options. Dry ice blasting, conveyor belt cleaners and dry vapor steamers all work to get rid of bacteria and pests at their root, eliminating harmful exposure and preventing the onset of future problems all in one go.

Bacteria is spread on a constant basis. While some bacteria is positive and works to supplement our health, others are harmful and seek only to make us ill. Businesses have been slowly but surely replacing standard equipment that has been found to contribute to the spread of bacteria, such as paper towel dispensers — superheated steam cleaned faucet handles and towel dispenser handles had just 1/10th as many germs when cleaned with traditional methods. Hand dryers have become more popular for reducing germs and leaving a positive environmental impact.

Household germs and bacteria, even virulent strains like E.coli and salmonella, don’t stand a chance against industrial steam cleaners. Steam have been found to eliminate up to 99% of common household germs as well as drive out pests like bed bugs and dust mites. Any business, whether it’s in the food industry or the health field, can’t afford to overlook this difference — a recent survey found nearly 30% of respondents saying they would never go back to a restaurant that had unsanitary bathroom conditions.

Contaminants come in many forms. The three main types of hazards known to cause unsafe food are biological, physical and chemical. Biological is an umbrella term that includes microorganisms, while chemical includes pest control and cleaning solvents previously thought to help, not hurt, a clean environment. Lastly, physical hazards include hair, dirt, dead skin and any other matter that shouldn’t be near a plate. A commercial carpet steam cleaner or industrial steam generator can tackle all of these with impressive efficiency.

According to data provided by the CDC, every year will see one out of six Americans becoming sick after eating contaminated food or beverages. They also found nearly 100,000 people dying every year from diseases acquired in, believe it or not, American hospitals. This means no building is free from scrutiny and the sooner you turn to a commercial carpet steam cleaner, the better. Bacteria, viruses and pests don’t wait until you’re ready to start spreading. Keeping your workers and customers safe every time they come through the door is a priority.

Dry ice blasting works by producing a high amount of temperature with a low moisture vapor, creating a result that is impossible for bacteria or pests to thrive in. Steam cleaning is perfect for eliminating chemical residues (such as from harmful solvent cleaners) and sanitizing the surface. It uses a very small amount of water (less than two quarts per hour) and is virtually mess-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about ‘picking up the pieces’ after a dry vapor steamer session. The recommended treatment for eliminating dust mites is to launder any concerned items in very hot water.

Businesses that skimp out on cleaning efforts are businesses that will fall behind. Look to a commercial carpet steam cleaner this year and feel the difference yourself.

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