5 Types Of Signage


When walking around town, you see them everywhere, signs. Signage is a term associated with what retail businesses use to get more customers. You really can’t go anywhere without seeing signs. Signs are everywhere and they are what helps us make the decisions we make when we are buying something at a store. They are at all stores. The signs we see before, during, and after walking into the store are equivalent to the ads we see online to help us in our buying decisions. Here is more information about the five types of signage.

Outdoor Business Signage

These types of signs are the most important ones we see each day because they are what makes us decide whether we should walk into a business or keep walking right past it. If they are good signs, they will tempt us to go inside and take a look around and maybe even buy something. However, if the business signage is bad, we will keep walking. The outdoor signs can make or break a business. These types of signs for businesses include entrance signs, sidewalk signs, awnings, or even window signs.

Informational Signage

Informational signs are also known as departmental signs, organizational signs, directional signs, and wayfinding signs. These types of signs are the ones you find in hallways of hospitals or other professional buildings that can help you find your way around that building. They easily help us navigate that building and keep us from getting lost while visiting.

Persuasive Signage

A persuasive sign is just the way it sounds. It is a type of sign that can help persuade you to buy something or do something. You usually find these signs in retail shops or other shops that sell goods and services. Without these signs, the business may not do as well as it will with them. You can find these signs near the price tag on the item, on the section or area where the item is located, and anywhere close to the item the shop is trying to sell so hard to us.

ADA Compliant Signage (Americans With Disabilities Act)

Businesses should not be discriminatory toward anyone and this includes those with disabilities. Because of this, all businesses should welcome all of their customers, not just those who don’t have a disability. For this reason, your business needs to include an ADA compliant signage on your doors to welcome everyone, on bathroom doors to label them men and women and wheelchair accessible, and anywhere that you have made it possible for people with disabilities to be able to enter too. This goes for handicap parking, handicap accessible exits, elevators, and even fitting rooms that also allow those with a disability to use. If not, your business will not just lose customers and money, but you can be sued for not having these signs where they should be. After all, people with disabilities are people too and they should be treated the same way.


A business without a welcome mat, whether they are digital signs, such as digital signs for schools or digital signs for business, or they are even full color LED signs, is a business that may not seem so welcoming to anyone. Because of this, you may not want to visit this business and this will make them lose a lot of money. For this reason, make sure you have the proper welcome mats or electronic business signs showing that everyone is welcome inside your store. By doing this, you are going to bring in a lot of customers, new and returning customers a like.

Signage is so important to retail businesses and other businesses that it is a fact that 35 % of people wouldn’t even know about a business unless they saw the sign first. Not only this but signs should be changed a lot to entice people to come in. It is a fact that, according to research studies, businesses who directly change their signs on the outside of their shops and even the inside, can improve sales revenue significantly. In fact, if a business replaces a store front sign with a much bigger sign, they can increase their sales by 7.7 %.

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