Three Ways to Know How Many Portable Toilets You Need


Portable toilets

As you learned as a child, everyone needs to go potty. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Remote work areas, construction sites, and overcrowded facilities at concerts and other events means not everyone has easy access to a toilet. Luckily, this situation can be easily remedied by restroom trailers. These portable toilet rental units can be easily rented for every need and meet the needs of the human body, even if that human body had too many breakfast burritos. How do you know how many restroom trailer rentals you will need? Here are some simple tips for getting the appropriate number of restroom trailers.

1. Concerts and other events will take multiple restroom trailers. There is an average of one portable toilet for every 60 people at a concert. Large concerts will need many portable toilets added to the venue. Small concerts can get by with only a few. However, anyone that has ever been to a concert or similar event can tell you that there are not enough bathrooms. For the comfort of your guests, consider going above the standard and getting two or three portable toilets per sixty people. Your concert goers will be happy and your facilities may be cleaner.

2. Construction workers need to go, too. Construction sites generally require one portable toilet for seven people working 40 hours per week. If people are working more than 40 hours in a week, or there is more than one shift of people working 40 hours in a week, you will need more than just the one portable toilet for every seven people. Also, construction workers are not generally known for exquisite health and hygiene habits. It may benefit all involved to err on the side of caution and get an extra portable toilet or two for the construction site.

3. Alcohol makes people go more frequently. As shocking as this is, it is also true. Ask any bar or anyone that has every drank more than they should. Alcohol makes people need the facilities more often. The portable toilets should be increased by 13% if alcohol is being served at an event. If alcohol is present, it is definitely better to have more bathrooms than fewer. People that have been drinking are not really known for patience and may quickly find other places to relieve themselves.

Restroom trailers are a quick way to add portable toilets to a location. You can bring in more or fewer depending on the event. Also consider whether alcohol will be served. alcohol can make a great refreshment and encourage people to have fun, but it can also put bladders on high alert and possibly ignite other bodily functions. By knowing what kind of event or worksite the restroom trailers will be serving, you can estimate the amount of portable toilets that will be needed. Everyone has to go and portable toilets can help make that possible.

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