The Problems a Machine’s Gearbox Can Run Into and How to Fix Them

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Gearbox rebuild guide

In engineering, conveying and propulsion systems repair and renewal come with the territory of operating a vast array of mechanical equipment. In 2012, machinery manufacturing shipments totaled 7.1% of all manufacturing shipments or about $407.4 billion. If machinery is such a large industry, it pays to have machinery that operates optimally.

The Four Most Popular Mechanical Problems With Gearboxes.

Because the industrial gearbox plays such an important role in power transmission systems, it is a good place to start when discussing conveying and propulsion systems repair and renewal. The rotational energy, or torque, generates the power and yet is the leading cause of gearbox repair and renewal costs.

    Excessive Noise: Should It Be Making That Sound?

    A gearbox that makes a catching or clicking sound is indicative of a nicked gear tooth. Other noises can be caused by too little lubrication, or gear mesh friction.

    Vibration: Is That Humming Meant to Happen?

    If a machine has a spot on a worm gear, the torque it will be required to build up will cause more vibration. Misalignment issues, as well as gears becoming loose, can lead to an increase in the vibrations. Vibration analysis services can also pinpoint the problem.

    Fluid Leaks: Should That Be Dripping?

    Too much noise can be caused by an inadequate amount of lubrication fluid, yet on the other end of the spectrum too much fluid lead to leaks. On the bright side, that particular problem has an easy solution. A choked gear box can also lead to problems with leaks, which can be fixed by changing the filter.

    Oil Contamination: Remember Regular Checks Are Important.

    Contamination in the gearbox is a concern because it is estimated that the removal process of said contaminants costs about 10 times more than taking preventative measures might. Spin-on filters, expansion breathers, and desiccant breathers are all methods that help guard against contamination while still helping the components breathe.

If after careful review you are still unsure what the problem with your gearbox is, it might help to have an analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment conducted.

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