Campground and RV Park Franchises Investment Opportunities Within the Leisure Industry

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Are you exploring your options to invest within the leisure industry? You may want to consider the benefits of purchasing a family-oriented campground or an RV franchise. Whether campers choose to stay in a cabin, a tent, or in their RV, camping is a popular activity and will continue to be so.

Currently, nearly 6 out of every 10 households in the United States have reported that at least 1 person within their household goes camping. Given this, there are several advantages to owning a family-friendly campground.

Approximately 63% of campers 16 and older are either married or living with a partner. Many of these campers have children of all ages, and value having access to “kid-friendly” campsites with activities that the entire family can enjoy. A Kampgrounds of America study, for example, found that 20% of the participating campers indicated they valued staying at a campground that showed consideration for children.

Many campers are willing to travel a considerable distance to a favorite campground. This is particularly the case when these campgrounds have important amenities, such as RV hook-ups and organized activities. Around 50% of campers, however, will usually travel less than 100 miles from their homes.

Even though they go camping to enjoy the outdoors, many campers appreciate having free WiFi access during their vacation. A large percentage of campers also enjoy cooking outdoors when they’re camping, and this pertains to roughly 78% of the campers polled.

You may also be interested in learning more about RV parks for sale. In the United States, there are over 12,000 RV-related businesses in operation. These businesses have a combined annual revenue of over $37.5 billion. Furthermore, RIVA reports that there are approximately 30 million people that are considered to be RV enthusiasts. This includes those individuals that rent as well as own the RVs in which they travel.

Since you’re exploring investment options in the leisure industry, you may also be interested to know that some properties are available for sale by their respective owners. Whether you choose to invest in a family-friendly campground, an RV park, or both, there are obvious benefits to so doing.

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