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Moving out of your home is a stressful experience and has been ranked as the most stressful life event, above divorce, starting a new job, and the breakdown of a relationship. A recent poll found that 61% of those surveyed ranked moving house at the top of their stress list. For more people who have to move grappling with the years of accumulated stuff and having to create a new normal in a new environment are major stressors. Getting to grips with a move can be daunting and it is important that you have the right support during this time.

On average Americans tend to move about 12 times during their lives, with a third of those renting properties moving each year. Considering that there are over 300,000 individual items in most average American homes, that is a great deal of stuff to get to grips with. Professional moving services are vital in ensuring not only that your items are delivered safely to your new home, but also that they are organised during the move to make the process of unpacking easier. When considering which moving services to use, lie sure to check their credentials to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable.

Moving from one place to another can also mean having to adapt to less available space, adding the fear of having to part with sentimental its to the list of stressors involved in moving. Rather than taking up valuable garage space — as much as a quarter of all two-care garages cannot accommodate a car in them because of all the things stored there — consider other options. Rental of storage units can allay that fear and allow you to hang on to precious sentimental items despite lack of space in your home. The demand for storage units is growing, with as many as one out of 10 renters using them and over 90% of all self storage units in 2015 being occupied. At 50,000, there are five times as many self storage units in the US as there are Starbucks outlets. Renting a secure storage facility can be the answer to decluttering your home and keeping all of your mementoes.

Almost a third of such facilities also offer moving truck rental to make moving easier. They also offer a variety of terms. Given that self storage needs vary wildly, with 30% of those surveyed indicating they intend to rent for more than two years, 13% for three months or less and 18% for up to six months, flexibility of rental options is important. By combining the right moving services with the right storage solution for you you can take more of the stress out .

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