5 Tips for Creating the Home of Your Dreams With Used Shipping Containers

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Are you looking for a low cost, unique, and customizable living option? With so many shipping container solutions currently unused around the world, they are regularly being transformed into modular housing options. Shipping container solutions make the perfect alternative housing choice because they are extremely customizable, affordable, and you are recycling. You can make your shipping container feel more like home with these design tips.

Create numerous rooms, based on needs
Shipping containers have a lot of room. A standard 20 foot shipping container can hold 1,150 cubic feet, while a 40 foot high cube contains 2,700 cubic feet. Just for reference, a 20 foot container can hold around 3,596 shoe boxes, and a 40 foot high cube can hold 8,443 shoe boxes. That is a lot of room for you to create the perfect modular home layout. Consider first how many bedrooms you need. Consider also the size of each room. This will help you plan additional room layouts, including closets, living room, and bathrooms. Additionally, it is fairly simple to construct additions with other shipping container solutions should your sizing needs change.

Paint the walls
Your shipping container will be similar to a traditional home in many ways. You will be able to paint the walls, just as you would in a normal house. Choose a neutral color to brighten the container and to make each room look larger. Also, decorate your walls with bright and cheery wall art. Allow your children to pick the color for their bedrooms. The paint colors that you choose can also be easily changed out in the future when your design preferences change.

Choose small apartment furniture
Furniture was once difficult to fit into smaller living spaces. Fortunately, many furniture pieces have been designed for small spaces. They often serve multiple furniture purposes and can be repurposed into other household needs. For smaller living spaces, create a flow through kitchen space. Instead of filling the space with large dining room furniture, create an island with stools. The island stools can be used in both the kitchen and the living room. Place hideaway beds in smaller bedrooms to give children more space to play around.

Install energy efficient windows and doors
Many people choose modular living for the cost benefits. Some sites estimate that building with containers can lead to a cost savings of up to 40% as compared to traditional construction methods. You can further increase your cost savings by installing energy efficient windows and doors. These high efficiency rated home necessities will reduce the amount of cold air lost in the summer and keep warm air in during the winter. You are likely to notice a significant decrease in your overall utility bills.

Plant some flowers and bushes
Modular housing units made out of industrial shipping containers are generally permanently placed. This means that you can spend time improving the outdoor area of the container. Planting some flowers, growing a garden, and putting in bushes will make the unit feel more like home. You might even consider installing some planter boxes beneath the windows for an added pop of color. Some unit owners may even choose to build a deck or stairs from their unit, as they are very permanent. In fact, shipping containers, whether single units or multiple connected units, can withstand up to 100 MPH winds when rooted on foundation, or 175 MPH winds when anchored with pylons, making container homes extremely solid in both tornadoes and hurricanes. Go ahead and create the outdoor living area of your dreams.

With so many shipping container solutions sitting in storage, why not turn them into an alternative housing option? These portable shipping containers can be permanently placed and turned into the house of your dreams. You can increase the homely feel of it by painting, designing, and creating a nice outdoor living area. The shipping containers are also extremely affordable and great for the environment.

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