Why Wait to Be a Victim of Burglary? Counter Measure with Home Security Cameras

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Home surveillance cameras

Home safety is often the primary priority for any homeowner. Whether you are protecting some valuable asset in the house or you are simply keeping your loved ones safe, the need for proper home security cameras installation cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to feel safe in and around your house, you should opt for a security camera system that will deter crime through a timely relay of live security feeds.

It is estimated that houses without home security cameras systems are at 300% risk to experience burglary than those with security measures like surveillance cameras installed. During a home security cameras installation, you either choose to keep the discreet security system away from the prying eyes or have it fully detectable. Whichever choice you pick, make sure the installation is done properly not only to provide maximum security at the house but also the safety of the surveillance cameras.

Often, when a residential burglary occurs, the top five items targeted by thieves are mobile devices and laptops, cash, electronics, gold, and jewelry. So, when doing a home security cameras installation, whether you’ve hired a technician or you are doing it alone, you may need to first identify vulnerable spots where you can place the security cameras. While scouting for suitable camera spots, make sure you focus on high trafficked areas inside the house, especially the doors and corridors leading to different parts of the house.

While monitoring ability is the most important feature in home surveillance cameras, there are those environments where you’ll need specialized designed cameras. For instance, if you are looking to monitor a poorly light location, then you may be required to purchase a camera with nigh-vision. This will enable to keep track of those dark locations in your home and offer a layer of security for you and your loved ones. Additionally, if you’re aiming to track any movements within the house, consider installing a motion detection security camera. Have this camera installed at least seven feet above the ground and it should point downwards for maximum coverage.

Another important thing you should consider when doing the home security cameras installation is the direction of the sun. When it’s an indoor surveillance camera, you may want the camera to face the other direction the sun is facing so as to avoid unwanted sun glares. Also, avoid placing the cameras near a heat source or inside poorly ventilated spots. For proper security fixtures setup, you should seek a professional security camera installation service that guarantees smooth and functional surveillance.

Lastly, home surveillance systems form a fraction your overall security and as experts say, security starts with you, it’s advisable you develop discipline security measures that will help your house feel more secure. Such measures may include having a watchdog or a watch guard, installing sound alarms and security fencing. All these measures should work in unison to provide the kind of security you and your family needs.

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