How Paper Shredding Services Help Maintain Client Confidentiality

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For many businesses, especially those that maintain medical, legal or financial information, the security of client records is a high priority. Security of records has many facets, from storage to use to destruction. Document shredding services that handle multiple formats, from paper to hard drives, can help businesses maintain the security of their client information, and also to stay in compliance with all laws.

Who needs shredding services?
Any business that holds client information, such as financial, medical or legal records, is bound by law to maintain certain standards for its safety. This covers both the storage and the eventual safe destruction of that information. For example, doctors and health insurance providers are required by law to shred documents.
There are state and federal laws that require doctors, health insurance providers and other medical organizations to have comprehensive data-destruction plans in place. Document shredding services can help them to stay in compliance with these laws by ensuring the safe destruction of sensitive data that is no longer in use.

Shredding for security
Document shredding services help to maintain the safety of confidential client information. The dangers of information theft include identity theft, breach of privacy and more. According to FBI estimates, the cost of information theft for businesses comes to almost $24 billion each year.
As well as security, paper shredding services can help to free up valuable office space that was taken up by paper records.
Most secure shredding services don’t just stop at paper but offer hard drive destruction services as well. They also offer document scanning solutions to help businesses to digitize their records, and to replace their paper records with digital ones. For businesses that are running out of space for their paper records but aren’t yet ready to commit solely to digital record keeping, document shredding services also offer secure off-site storage of documents.

Green shredding is here
Safe shredding is now also green shredding. When paper records are shredded and destroyed, the resulting scrap is usually sent to the landfill. As much as 95% of business records are still maintained on paper. So paper shredding services also generate huge amounts of waste paper. In fact, paper constitutes the largest portion of solid wage sent to landfills.
This is harmful for the environment, and also wasteful. Paper can be easily recycled and reused. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 80% percent of paper mills in the U.S. are already capable of using paper from shredding and recycling programs. Document shredding services that recycle have taken an additional step in making the business cycle greener and more environmentally friendly.

Maintaining the safety and integrity of client information has many aspects, from storage to secure destruction. Many businesses are also looking to save space by replacing their paper documentation with digital records. For all of these concerns, document shredding services can provide customized solutions. Many paper shredding services also recycle the shredded paper, making them an attractive choice for environmentally friendly businesses.

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