Four Benefits of Custom Clamshell Packaging

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Clam packaging is one of the most popular packaging types available. Businesses ranging from fast food to the medical world makes use of clamshell packaging solutions. A plastic blister pack that folds onto itself is known as a clamshell. One of the best ways to have your product secured is with custom clamshell packaging. Here are four benefits of using custom clamshell packaging.

  • Choice of Recycled Materials: The business owner has complete control when choosing custom clamshell packaging. If you would like to use recyclable plastics, it will be done. Many studies show that customer reacts especially well to companies who are environmentally friendly in their packaging choices. One study found that 31.9 million metric tons of plastic are disposed of improperly. Choosing recyclable materials ensures your company isn’t contributing to wasted plastic.
  • Keeps Product Extra Secure: You don’t want to place products in stores that have been jostled all over the place. Certain products could risk opening up if not packaged properly. One popular way to prevent your products from coming loose in the package is with thermoformed clamshells. These clamshells are made specifically to form to your products.
  • Complete Control of Packaging Specifications: Thermoformed clamshells are made into a wide variety of different packages. Certain types of packaging may not bode well for your product type. However, thermoformed clamshells allow for more customized package types.
  • Ability to Include Custom Cards: In some cases, there might be extra information you want to include with your product. Offering coupons in custom packaging is a great way to offer consumers extra purchasing incentives. Custom cards can also be used to display important information about side effects and directions.
  • In closing, there are several benefits associated with custom clamshell packaging. Being able to choose recyclable materials lets you reduce your environmental footprint. Thermoformed clamshells help to keep a package extra secure. This extra security keeps products away from shoplifters. In addition, thermoformed clamshells provide extra protection for keeping a product perfectly in place. A study by West Rock Consumer Insights shows that 14 percent of shopping feel brands are working to improve their product packaging. Following the previously mentioned tips will ensure your company has packages that appeal to your customer base.

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