How Spring Cleaning Can Lead to Acts of Kindness


Donate goods to charity

Commercialism in the 21st century…otherwise known as the great American addiction. The average American today buys more than twice the amount of clothes than the average citizen 20 years ago, and that number is surely to only increase as online shopping continues to boom. All of this growth may be great for the economy, but it’s not so great for our environment, or your overflowing closet.

Did you know that, on average, an American citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other types of textiles each year? Therefore we collectively add 10.5 million tons of clothing to our landfills each year. This means that textiles make up 5% of our municipal waste, as only 15% of our textiles are being recycled.

This problem is easily solved, as 100% of all fabrics can be recycled. Not only can they be recycled, but used clothing donations are always in high demand by charities looking for donations. The value of charitable donations is so critical. By simply donating your unwanted and used clothing, you are helping families in need whilst simultaneously ridding your home of clothes you haven’t worn in 10 years. C’mon, we both know you don’t wear half of what your own in your closet. It’s time. Let them go.

While you’re cleaning your home and, in addition, saving the environment, you could also be saving money. Did you know that you can deduct all your charitable contributions to charities that are granted tax-exempt status from your taxes? So not only are you decluttering your life, helping keep textiles out of landfills, and helping families in need, but you are also saving yourself hard-earned money. It’s truly a win-win scenario.

We should all think twice about throwing out old sheets that have seen better days or that ugly dishtowel your husband’s great-grandmother gifted you at your wedding. These items have the potential to be recycled and made new, or can bring another person great joy. As we all become more aware of our environmental impact on the world, let’s do our best to make changes in our lives that are within our capacity.

To summarize, the value of charitable donations, especially this type of donation, goes so much deeper than checking off your good deed of the day. By donating old clothing you are helping disabled veterans in need. By donating old linens you are clearing you home of unnecessary junk that weighs you down. By donating your old towels you are preventing them from becoming waste in your local landfill. By donating your household items, you can make an impact on your tax return. The value of charitable donations is so multi-faceted and benefits so many people in so many ways. So, what are you waiting for?

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