The Importance Of Donating Charitably


Donating to charity is common all throughout the United States, so much so that there were more than three hundred and fifty eight billion dollars in charitable donations given over the course of the year of 2014 alone. However, donating to charity can be difficult for many people, such as those who are simply struggling to survive and make ends meet as things are.

For such people, donating to charity can be difficult, as giving any monetary amount can shake their tenuous financial status. This can be understandably hard for those who want to give back to their communities and even to the world as a whole but simply surviving in our world as it is must, of course, be the first priority. Fortunately, even those who are struggling financially can give back to charity and to the world, and it is through donating clothing to anything from a purple hear clothing donation site to wounded veterans charities and the like.

And donating now has become easier than every before, thanks to donations that pick up at home. Donations that pick up at home have allowed people to donate with very little effort involved, and donations that pick up at home are ideal for people who have a busy schedule and might not have time to otherwise donate their old clothing and textiles. In many ways, donations that pick up at home have become a viable alternative to the like typical donation pick up sight, though donations pickups are still incredibly important too, of course. Instead of competing against one another, a donation pick up site like a purple heart pick up site and a donations that pick up at home can work in tandem to get the most donations possible.

But why should someone donate their old clothing in the first place? For one, it’s incredibly beneficial to our environment, as clothing that is simply thrown away instead of donated will more often than not end up in a landfill, therefore contributing to the growing problem of waste in this country and in our world as a whole. In fact, ten and a half million tons of clothing enters various landfills around this country alone each and every year, with each person in the United States throwing around ten pounds of clothing. And with the average person buying double what was typical to buy as recently as twenty years ago, this number is only likely to continue to grow if something is not done to stop it.

Fortunately, charitable clothing donations made through donations that pick up at home can certainly help and nearly five million tons of clothing are now donated each and every year. As nearly one hundred percent of all textiles are able to be donated, even if they are not re worn as clothing, there is no reason to throw anything away. As the years go by, it is hoped that more people will make donations that pick up at home (as well as other types of donations) more and more frequently.

But clothing donations that pick up at home are not just ideal for the environment, though, of course, they very much are. Such clothing donations can also help local communities and communities around the world as well, sometimes in very significant ways. In fact, developing nations often receive donated American goods that they are able to buy for only pennies, giving them a sustainable way to get the products that they need without needing to spend too much of their hard earned money in order to be able to do so, something that poses a significant problem in many such parts of the world.

And finally, donations that pick up at home can be beneficial to the person who is donating as well. After all, we all have clutter in our homes (though some of us do more so than others) and making used clothing donations can be one way to reduce this clutter significantly. It can be hard to give up articles of clothing, but if you haven’t worn it for more than six months in a two season climate, it’s probably time to part with it. Sending it to charity can give it new life elsewhere in the world.

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