Three Tips On Growing Plants Without Soil

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Growing a plant can be a fun way to occupy your time, a full-time job, or a nightmare. Yes, even if you’re simply casually interested in growing a plant for fun, things can get out of hand quickly. Many wannabe gardeners find themselves getting quite invested in indoor gardening, only to find that their plants aren’t growing the way they want them to. There are ways that you can monitor and ensure plant health, but they may not be readily apparent to those new to indoor gardening. Gardening isn’t what it used to be — now, there are nearly limitless options through which you can make your plants grow faster and more consistently. Indoor gardening hydroponic systems can completely revitalize your plants, and indeed they are rapidly revolutionizing the industry. Yet many aren’t even aware of hydroponic lighting systems, let alone that it is an option for plants. However, that’s not the only way that you can jumpstart the growth of your plants. Hygrozyme has recently paved the way for growing plants cleanly and efficiently– they’re far cries from traditional plant care supplements. Without further ado, let’s look into a few ways you can change the way your plants grow.

1. Hygrozyme

So, what is hygrozyme? Hygrozyme is a naturally occurring enzymatic formula that is used to cleaning growing mediums without harsh chemicals. The enzymes involved in this supplement eat dead protein. The great thing about this system is that it eats away places on the plant where disease might develop. This way, you don’t have to worry about your plant developing an odd fungus or infection that could potentially spread to your other plants. But you also don’t have to be concerned about using harsh chemicals. The great thing about avoiding chemicals is that, if you are growing plants that you plant to eat or perhaps feed to animals, you don’t have to worry about the potential toxicity of chemicals. Chemicals can also damage a plant that they were meant to save — you simply can’t be sure about them, no matter how plant-safe they seem to be. The naturally occurring nature of this substance also means that it is safer for you to use — you don’t have to worry as much about it damaging or irritating your skin. As a rule of thumb, a more natural approach is better when it comes to indoor gardening.

2. Hydroponic Systems

What about hydroponics? Essentially, a hydroponic system is one that grows plants with water, sand, or gravel — but not with traditional soil. People have pursued these systems for a number of reasons. They can be more efficient, more attractive — and end up being less work and money in the long term. Indoor gardening hydroponics are more accessible than ever. But with that being said, plants grown in this environment do have different needs. For example, they often require a different level of sunlight. Usually, they need between 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight or heavy lamplight — achievable through hydroponic grow lights. Surprisingly, however, they may use less water. According to farmers who grow aquaculture crops, these plants use 90% less water than traditional plants. For that matter, one can grow four times as many plants in a single space using aquaculture as they do in the same space using traditional soil. But even with aquaculture, you can’t avoid the issue of pests.

3. Pest Control

Pest control is always a problem with plants. While you can use hygrozyme to prevent some issues, you may have to turn to other pest control substances to prevent some insects from bothering your plants. It’s recommended that you seek out organic or natural pest control products. Try to look for a pest control product that is not at all harmful to humans if your plant is to be consumed — and even then, still wash it before eating. But remember that bad chemicals can be inhaled too; don’t take any chances and stick to pest control products that are natural.

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