4 Ways to Keep Our World a Little Cleaner

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There are many ways that we can contribute to the beautification and cleanliness of our own cities. You may not think about it very much but if there was nothing like parking lot cleaners or street sweeper trucks, our public areas would be a royal mess. Parking lot cleaning services are much appreciated, even if just subconsciously. It’s important to keep the place clean not just for how to looks but for our own health and the environment. Here are a few ways that we can help out our local parking lot cleaners.

Put Things in Trash Cans
Even if you aren’t the type of person to throw an entire can out the window or a plastic take out box, you might have been been guilty of throwing out a straw or a candy wrapper, not thinking that these are a very big deal. Even things that are thought to be ‘biodegradable’ like apple cores and orange peels, are simply better off put in trash cans. Each city tries to provide enough trash cans frequently enough down every street so you shouldn’t have to hang on to your trash for very long. If you feel like your city doesn’t provide enough trash cans or they aren’t emptied often enough, you can write a letter to your city council and see if you can start a petition for more trash cans or whatever the problem may be.

Encourage Others to Do the Same
If you are with someone who tosses something in a parking lot or the side of the road, you can gently point out the nearest trash can. Even better, if you pick up the item and dispose of it yourself, they might feel a little guilty for not having thought of it first. It’s not that people are ‘bad,’ they just aren’t in the habit of throwing things away. It’s almost a mindless act to unwrap something and throw the wrapper on the ground. However, if you encourage for long enough, they will start to think twice when it comes to throwing things away. You will probably end up being such a good influence that people will throw things in trash cans even when you aren’t around.

Be Nice to Cleaners
Street sweepers, parking lot cleaners and the like, have a difficult job. They literally have to pick up after everyone else. It can be frustrating and discouraging to see the amount of trash that they get after a day’s work. Only to come back the next day and find the place as if they never cleaned it. You may have heard the old phrase ‘I am keeping them employed’ from people who litter. As noble as this may sound, it’s simply not true. Even if no one ever threw anything on the ground there would still be leaves, debris, dust and natural things that parking lot cleaners and others would need to clear away. So, be nice and help a cleaner out by using a trash can.

Use Environmentally Friendly Products
If you have a yard or do anything kind of cleaning in your house, make sure you are not using harsh chemicals. These are a huge contribution to the pollution to our air and water systems. Don’t pour chemicals down the drains or toilets or bathtubs and don’t allow them to run off your lawn in the storm drains. There are many green products that you can use instead, or even make your own cleaning products. It’s a great way to make sure that you are staying clean and green at all times.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
If you go grocery shopping and have to use plastic bags, reuse them in your trash cans or as a trash can in your car. While they may not be very good the second time around as far as carrying heavy things go, they are plenty useful for lighter weight things. Have a separate can in your home for the recyclable items. Make sure it is clearly marked so the members of your family don’t get them confused. Some complexes surprisingly don’t have a recycle area to take the trash out to, so you may need to drive out once a week to drop off those items.

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