The Importance of Shredding Confidential Customer Information

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Identity theft is a real thing. Most people do not realize the inconvenience and negative affect that it can have on a person, when they are the victim of identity theft. They may have to file disputes on many credit card transactions. They may have to cancel all credit and debit cards, and await new ones. They may have new charges and negative credit reports show up, sometimes many months or years later. A company that does not protect its customer?s information sufficiently enough to prevent identity theft can be severely fined. All businesses need to take great care in developing effective document destruction options plans.

Allow only qualified individuals to accept customers confidential information. Confidential information in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. Sometimes identity theft can even occur inside of a company. It usually involves someone who is responsible for collecting the confidential information. Businesses can prevent this by allowing only the highest trained and cleared of associates to collect customer?s confidential information. For example, the government does this by providing different clearance levels for all employees.

Have strict document storage times. Information that is kept for too long is more at risk of being breached. Most businesses hold onto information for much longer than needed. It is best to have a strict time regulation for the storage of customer information. Most customers will find it acceptable to provide their information for a second time, if it means that their information is being kept confidential.

Time limits can also decrease the chance of important documents from being lost or stolen. Close to 100 million additional Americans have their person identifying information placed at risk of identity theft each year when records maintained in government of corporate databased are lost or stolen. Commercial shredding should occur after the specified time limit of the documents.

Provide safe and secure storage for customer information. This one is important, and is often the biggest mistakes that businesses make. Too many businesses are still using hard copies of information. They store customer?s information in filing cabinets. The information can easily be stolen or copied in this type of an environment. In fact, nearly 90% of identity thefts use information gained from print sources rather than those found online.

Other companies may have made the move to a technological storage base, but are unfamiliar with needed security measures. Technology can be a great way to store customer?s information, if it is implemented correctly. Many data and security breaches have occurred over the internet. Businesses need to have a professional internet technology or IT person, to create the necessary firewalls and encrypted document information.

Outsource paper shredding services. Many businesses have shredders located inside of their office spaces. This can be useful for the quick shredding of information that does not need to be stored, but is not effective for the proper disposal of customer?s confidential information. Many documents are stolen or lost, while awaiting shredding from employees. The employees that are tasked with the shredding are given ample time to view customer?s confidential information.

Professional paper shredding services takes the liability away from the business. The commercial document destruction company have their own methods of paper shredding and are responsible for hiring the more secure of employees. Most document shredding companies have a contract with the business, stating who is liable in the event that the information is misplaced and a case of identity theft occurs. Business shredding services often take the liability.

Businesses have access to tons and tons of confidential customer information. When a customer agrees to provide a business with their information, they are expecting that the business will handle it properly and that they will dispose of it, when they are finished with it. Paper shredding services are expected. Businesses who do not develop an effective shredding policy can face large fines and can lose their customer?s trust. They should outsource paper shredding services, develop time limits for holding onto confidential information, and provide a safe storage area for all information.

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