5 Times that the Temperature Affects Humans in Strange Ways

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For anyone that lived through this incredible hot summer you know the importance of air conditioning in your home. It’s crucial to make sure that you keep up on your air conditioning repairs and services as well as heating services as well. The temperature of your home really plays a big part in determining the temperament of the people in it. Here are a few strange things that temperature can influence in people as well as their ability to function in it.

People’s ability to judge criminals
Feeling cold seems to make people feel like the accused person is a cold blooded offender. This may be because the cold is sometimes an irritant to people so being cold may amp up negative feelings towards the accused. However, hot court rooms let to jurors feeling like the accused was too impulsive and hot headed. However, a room that has a pleasant balance of warm and cold seemed to have the most in favor verdicts for accused parties.

The type of movies that someone wants to watch
When it is cold outside, it seems like the perfect opportunity to cuddle up and watch a romantic movie. This is because people look for psychological warmth when they are feeling physically cold. When it’s warm outside, the types of movies that research found participants to choose were more like action or comedy films. Romance seemed to be the movie of choice more commonly during colder temperatures. However, keep in mind that when it is cold outside, a person may not being feeling cold because of an artificial heater in the home so they don’t have the irritable disposition like normal. Merely seeing the cold is what makes them want to feel that psychological warmth.

The type of food that someone wants to eat
This one is fairly easy to understand. When you are cold, you want warm foods to make you feel better. That’s why soup and chili are such popular foods during the winter. However, during the summer, you need things that are going to cool you down. Hence ice cream cones and sandwiches with cold deli meat being opted for more often than hot foods. However, because people tend to use air conditioners during the summer, it is not uncommon for people to still eat warm foods.

Someone’s ability to trust someone else
There were actually tests done on this. When the participants were warmed up, they seemed more likely to cooperate with one another and were more willing to trust someone. When they were cold, they subconsciously became more distant and literally, cold towards one another. This is why it is thought that people in a warmer climate tend to be more friendly towards one another than those in colder weather conditions. For example, beach cultures seem more laid back and happy go lucky while rainy cities have much higher rates of suicides.

Different kinds of creativity in people
Research has found that people emit different types of creativity depending on how hot or cold the area where they are is. These studies found that when the people were warm, they could draw, categorize or organize object better and think of unique gifts for others. However, a cold room seemed to produce more metaphors and abstract ideas. The idea is that warmth could cause the people to feel closer and more generous than the cold does. The cold tends to push people away from one another and make them more easily annoyed with someone else.

Maybe you didn’t think that your air conditioning or heating was that crucial to people’s ability to function. Well, now you know that not only does it affect people’s day to day life and moods, it can actually influence a great number of decisions that people make regarding themselves as well as other people. The temperature that you set the room to can actually help to determine the type of atmosphere that is going to be set. Temperature is very much linked to the psychological mindset. When people are feeling warm they feel cozy and friendly but when they are feeling cold, isolation and the cold shoulder could be on the horizon.

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