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Airplane advertising banner

Aerial advertising is used for many purposes: advertising for both large corporations and small local businesses, spreading political messages or opinions, asking the public for help with a community event or project, sharing public service messages, or personal messages. There are different types of airplane messages, from banners towed behind a plane, to flashing lights, to skywriting. It?s a unique way to get attention or attract customers and in some cases, has had a response rate as high as 20 percent.

Obviously, aerial advertising takes place outside, so it?s best to use airplane banner advertising advantages in crowded areas with high visibility. Some examples are outdoor concerts and festivals, major outdoor sports events, beaches, fairs and races, and more. In some urban areas, where rush hour traffic sometimes has commuters at a stand-still for extended periods of time, flying over the major highways has advantages.

Because it?s so unusual and whimsical, people really like airplane advertising and sky banners; this makes it a great option for a large corporation whose usual television ads get immediately silenced with the mute button, and whose magazine ads are flipped past without a glance. Banners can be used for corporate branding, advertising sales and specials, announcing a new location or grand opening, or inviting customers to special events. It can also be used to pique interest in a new campaign or product.

Airplane banner advertising advantages include the following:

Airplane advertising service reaches millions of people. If weather conditions are ideal, messages in skywriting are visible for hundreds of miles; what billboard can beat that? Aerial billboards are the way to go. On a crowded beach, there may be several thousand people; perhaps half of them are listening to a radio and might listen to an advertisement. However, if a plane flies by with sky banners, almost all of those beachgoers will see the airplane message.

Aerial ads stay in people?s minds longer than other types of advertising; again, because it is unusual, it is more noticeable. A recent consumer survey reported that 88 percent of those questioned remembered seeing the banner over 30 minutes later, and 79 percent remembered the exact product being advertised.

Planes began trailing advertising banners in the early 1920s. Now, almost 100 years later, the FAA has authorized over 600 companies to operate banner-towing and aerial advertising businesses. Custom aerial advertising and sky banner options give you a variety of choices for airplane banner advertising advantages for your company. You can research airplane banner packages and combo aerial billboards for reaching a variety of audiences and varying the message for greater interest and multiple viewings. Surprisingly, one of airplane banner advertising advantages is low cost. Relative to other forms of marketing, banner towing rates are not high. For the proven advantage and benefits, it?s a low-cost, low-risk advertising choice.

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